89 Lx 5.0 Starts Then Dies

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by omarimoe, May 20, 2014.

  1. finally got the car together to the point where i need it to run and it will start then just die. when i held my foot on the gas it stayed running but then died again. i thought i had everything figured out when the car was still half apart and i just wanted to see if it would fire and it fired right up but the fuel pump was disconnected and the starting fluid ran out. i currently have the gauge cluster out of the car along with alot of the interior stuff because im replacing the carpet. would not having the cluster in affect the cars ability to idle? basically just wondering if there are common things that cause a start then die issue?
  2. No instrument cluster will keep the alternator from charging the battery.
    You may be running low on voltage to keep the fuel pump, computer and other electrical items running correctly.
  3. Thanks I didnt know that. The battery is also pretty low as it uasnt been run in a while and while I was sorting out my timing issues there was no belt on the car. Ill throw it on the charger and report back with what I find.
  4. If you had the carpet out, did you reconnect the fuel pump relay that is under the driver's seat on Mustangs made prior to 1992?
  5. The pump does k8ck on and prime. Wouldn't the car not start at all with a bad relay? Plus how could I keep it running if I give it a little gas.
  6. What year Mustang are you working on?

    As long as you didn't overlook the fuel pump relay and not plug it in, you can rule that out.
  7. Started right up after charging the battery all night. Idles really rough though and when I give it gas it revs up quick but comes back down pretty slow. Anyone have any suggestions as to what that may be?
  8. You guys with idle/stall problems could save a lot of time chasing your tails if you would go through the Surging Idle Checklist. Over 50 different people contributed information to it. The first two posts have all the fixes, and steps through the how to find and fix your idle problems without spending a lot of time and money. I continue to update it as more people post fixes or ask questions. You can post questions to that sticky and have your name and idle problem recognized. The guys with original problems and fixes get their posts added to the main fix. :D

    It's free, I don't get anything for the use of it except knowing I helped a fellow Mustang enthusiast with his car. At last check, it had more than 134,000 hits, which indicates it does help fix idle problems quickly and inexpensively.
  9. Amen, follow the checklist in the exact order and it should fix you up!
  10. holy great info batman. if it doesn't rain and i get some time tomorrow ill get into hunting down the problem. thanks for the link it def gives me some great starting points.