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  1. I am kinda interested in buying a 94/95 Cobra. I would like to know what the differences between the Cobra and GT are. Also any guesses on what I should pay for one in average condition. Any help would be great. Thanks.
  2. 14. Cobra Specs
    Here is a list of items that are unique to the Cobra vs the GT (94-95)
    If anyone has anything to add to this list feel free to e-mail me.


    The Cobra engine was under rated at 240bhp from the factory campared to the GT's 225bhp and was only available with a 5 speed and 3.08 rear end gears.

    Cast iron GT40 heads
    Cast aluminum Cobra intake manifold
    Crane 1.7 rocker arms
    24lb fuel injectors
    Cobra specific ECU (computer)
    "Cobra" stamped valve covers with build sticker and signature
    Engine oil cooler
    Front mounted power steering fluid cooler
    Lightened flywheel
    Phosphate coated transmission gears
    Overdriven waterpump pulley
    Cobra specific camshaft
    Cam specs: Duration: 227°/Intake & 270°/Exhaust
    Lift: .485/.485 Intake/Exhaust
    Lobe separation: 118.5°


    13" Front brakes
    11.65" rear brakes
    "Cobra" embossed front calipers
    Cobra specific brake booster
    Cobra specific rear sway bar
    Cobra specific shocks/struts/springs
    K-member that is slightly stiffer than the GT's
    No strut tower brace

    Steering wheel center / Airbag cover embossed with "Cobra"
    White faced gauges
    160mph speedometer
    "Cobra" embroidered floor mats

    Cobra specific 17" wheels
    Cobra specific rear spoiler with integrated 3rd brake light
    Cobra specific front bumper cover
    SVT emblem on decklid (95-up, not on 94)
    Cobra emblems on front fenders (no 5.0L emblems)
    "Crystal" (clear) headlights
    Round cobra specific foglights

    Other info:
    The 94-95 Cobra (and GT) came with a 60mm throttlebody, not the 65mm alot of people believe it to have. The 93 cobras came with a 65mm.
    Although the 94-95 Cobra came with 24lb injectors it still uses the same MAF (mass airflow meter) as the GT. The Cobra specific computer compensates for the 24lb injectors.

    Many people say the Cobra came with underdriven pulleys but from what i've heard it only has a Cobra specific overdriven waterpump pulley. Even if they are slightly underdriven they are nowhere near the same as real underdrive pulleys.

    94-95 Cobra trivia information (posted on the SCOA bulletin board posted by "Dano" from the SVT cobra recognition guide)
    1. '94 was the first year of the front facing Cobra snakes!
    2. These two years were the only ones to have the "Crab Claw" spoiler, with built-in LED brake light! (The GT's stop lamp was mounted on the rear decklid)
    3. Only three colors were offered:
    a. Rio Red Tinted Clearcoat
    b. Crystal White
    c. Black Clearcoat
    4. The '94 Indianapolis 500's official pace cars were GT's converted to Cobra specifications.! They were five converts, with a four-speed AOD automatic trans! The actual "Pace Car" was driven by Parnelli Jones. 1,000 of these replicas were built, for sale to the public! If you have a '94 convert, it's an Indy 500 replica, with all the special badges & markings, and it's red!
    5. The easiest way to tell a '94 from a '95:
    a. The '95 has an SVT badge on the trunk lid.
    b. The '95 has a vertical flair attached to the front of the rocker panel extension.
    6. ALL '94 Cobra converts were Rio Red Indy Pace Car replicas.
    7. ALL '95 converts were black.
    8. The '94 convert tops were saddle color, and the '95 convert tops were black. No other color combinations were available!
    9. '94 and '95's converts came with saddle interior.

    Man, that took a long type to time....you better be happy.

    :D JK...look at the FAQ sheet.

  3. LOL..That should get its very own sticky. Although I didn't see in there the Cobras only came with 3.08's. Could be wrong, but weren't 3.27's an option on the GT's? Our Cobras also had a V6 rear bumper cover.
  4. Just thought I would ass a lil to what has been alreadyt said.
    Cobra's =3.27's it was also an option on the GT's as well. If 3.08 were available I have yet to see them on any of them.
    Not all came with COBRA embossed floor mats.
    Rear Decklid has no brake light in it its on the wing 94-95 wing is specific to the 94-95 cars.
    V-6 bumper cover.
    Shortened lower intake that the 93 cobra (mainly to help fit under hood).
    Not only are front brake 13in. but the Spare in the trunk is a 17" spare cause nothing under a 17" factory wheel will fit.
    Panel above headlights and headlight mounts are different. (easier to get to the cobra lights.
    If you find a Cobra with cloth is fairly rare; black and saddle are the rarest.
    Power 4 way adjustable driver side seat on all cobras its optional on gt's.
    Rubber clip molded into floormat and hole in floormat to hook it to. This stoped floormat from sliding around.
    If you drive a Cobra you will notice it revs. much faster has to do with the intake is better on the higher end than the GT which is gasping for air around 4500-4800+.
    The flywheel also helps the revs. come a lil faster as well.
    Along with many many many other lil things I can't think of at the moment.
    In the long run deciding a cobra or a GT is all in what its gonna be used for whether it be stock, a street monster, track queen, show king, or a full blown all out hell raiser.
  5. Of course I have the "factory freak" 94 cobra. SVT emblem on the trunk, factory strut tower brace, and although it has cobra valve covers with factory logo, it is not "signed"

    Also, 94-95 cobras have factory underdriven crank pulleys.

    I paid 10k for mine in mint condition, with 37k from the original dealer.

  6. Mine isn't signed either. Has a sticker saying its a windsor motor explains if any problems with the motor call 1-800-COBRA-USA
  7. Im thinking that I would prefer an SVT over a GT mainly because of the value of the cobra compared to the GT. I like the Cobras stats a little better and if I get one it would be a street/strip probably daily driver. Something that will hold its own. Just bolt on mods. I guess in canada its gonna be harder to find one and im gonna have to pay good dollars for it but I want it so im gonna have to. Hopefully I can find one for around $15 000-$16 000 canadian.
  8. It should only be the 96+s that are signed on the Valve Covers. Hmm, never heard of a 94-95 Cobra having anything other than 3.08's stock.
  9. so the little hook on the floor for the floormats was a Cobra option?? my 95 GT came with that hook and the previous owner told me my 95 GT came from factory with an SVO upper and lower intake
  10. the Cobra doesnt have 3.27's....im 99.9% sure those were optional gears for the auto GTs...and there were no auto cobras....unless you could the REAL pace cars(i think there were 5 of them) which were not really CObras to begin with they were just GT's modified to Cobra specs....

    if your 94 Cobra has a strut tower brace it was added...and an SVT badge its either a 95...or it was added as well...because the stock factory strut tower brace DOES NOT fit with the Cobra motor....and the SVT badge didnt get on the trunk till 95....

    ...the little hooks are not a Cobra only thing because my GT has em....the Cobra intake isnt like the 93 intake...its got a molded in elbow, the 93 doesnt....in stock form its not a real giant leap better than a GT manifold IMO and doesnt hold a candle to something like an Edelbrock or trickflow....

    ...i dont believe there is a difference between the CObra and GT flywheel either...i think the only difference from the bottom end to the driveshaft is the phosphate coated tranny gears in the Cobra for added strength(but i think its bogus)

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  11. That's what sold me on mine :D
  12. didnt someone ask a question about Cobras with cloth and like 6 or 7 guys just on here say they had one with cloth lol....

  13. Yeah I didn't realize it was rare or anything when I bought mine. I just didn't want the leather because I don't like the way it looks after two years. I also know a guy locally who has a cloth interior in his '95. The cloth interior isn't really THAT rare but it's much nicer than the leather in my opinion. :nice:
  14. i agree...the leather in our cars just looks like crap after time....

  15. 95 with black cloth here and rio red paint...only 110 of them :)

    And for the last time...94/95 Cobras came with 3.08s!

  16. LOL, where does everyone get that from? Cobras all came with 3.08's.
    The GT's could be had with a 5 speed and 3.08's or 2.73's. OR with an automatic with 3.27's or 2.73's. You could not get a GT or Cobra with a 5 speed and 3.27's. The 3.27's were on automatics only, and since the Cobra could only be bought with a 5 speed it didn't come with 3.27's.
    If anyone has a cobra that has 3.27's then either the previous owner or the dealer changed it to those gears.

    Oh and by the way... I'm the person who typed that long ass #14... Not that it matters, but i thought i'd give myself a shameless plug...LOL :D
    Where is the credit?
  17. You should be able to find a really nice, low mileage 94-95, cobra for $8000 american or less. For the amount of money that you are willing to spend you could buy a near perfect 96-98 with the 4v motor. Much better in my opinion. However, I'm a little disappointed in how slow my 96 feels....I use that word feels for a reason. It goes, it just doesn't feel like it.
  18. 94-95 cobras are where its at....homeade turbo kit is just begging to get built.

    oh btw cloth here too, looking for some Mach1 seats though
  19. I don't know what the difference is from a GT, but my lower control arms were stamped COBRA. The lower rad hose also has COBRA printed on it
  20. Wow this one is sure back from the dead. July 2004!?