94-95 tails, whats the deal?

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  1. I really really like the 94-95 horizontal taillights, but man, everyone I see just about sucks. To tell you the truth, thats the only thing on my car that shows age. People are amazed when I tell them my cars 9 years old. They dont believe it. If all I showed them was the taillights, yeah, theyd believe it. Every 94-95 stang I see seems to have been parked outside while the rest of the car was garaged. Why does paint seems to mostly fade here? How do I prevent this should I ever repaint?
  2. Mine also faded pretty badly. I painted mine black and they look 10x better.
  3. Well, I figured thats the easy way out. Cuz then I could just buy knew ones, with a black bezel being not painted, and just take care of it like my other black pieces. Putting black bezels on mine just scream saleen poser. Plus I like body color tails as opposed to the black or chrome aftermarket look. Having aftermarket pieces not painted just look like you couldnt afford it. Despite how if they werent for show, they wouldnt chrome them.

    Anyways, so far I havent seen 96-98 cars with this problem. Its is that theyre not as old. Or is it our design that makes water droplets stay on "the shelf" where their may drip down?
  4. It could that they used a different formular for the paint due to the type of plastic the taillight bezels are made from.

    Removing the taillights isn't all that difficult. If the faded bezels are bothering you, and they are the only thing which gives away the age of your Mustang, then why not just remove them and get them repainted? Even if you used the exact same paint, it would be another 9 years before you have to worry about it again. :D
  5. I don't like painting my car. I got mine in 98, and so far its had 4 different paint jobs! Which may explain why it looks so new. The taillights were the only things that havent been repainted it seems like. Thing is, the taillights paint should be as old as the back bumpers paint. The bumper is plastic as well, or fiberglass, or whatever ford claims it is. And the way thats designed, it should hold more water than the tails. That should be in worse condition, but its not.

    Anyways, I dont want to paint my tails if theyre just gonna end up looking like that again in 2 years. As for painting the old parts of the car so much, I dont care how much room you give people out on the road, you are destined to have rock chips. This is why daily drivers dont win awards! That, and everyone dings their doors at parking lots.

    Too tell you the truth, in 2000, I did repaint my taillights. But I did it horribly. No one really noticed a difference, basically cuz I did it wrong. I took a paint brush and just stroked the paint down the shelf, painting only the flat shelf, rather than the sides of the tails. No matter how bad that paint job was, red was still better than pink. Well now theyve faded again! Should I armorall paint? Cuz next time I'm painting, I WILL take it out. I WILL spray the paint. I WONT brush it on. And if I'm going to take the time to do all this, I want it to last longer than a late 80's GM paint job
  6. I painted mine with paint bought from paintscratch.com. I bought a couple of cans of spray and a touchup paint pen... They mixed it according to your paint code. I thought that it would show differently due to sun fade, but it turned out damn good. I have done my mirrors, touched up my bumpers, and done the bezels on my rear lights.
    I'm definitely not an expert auto-body guy, but I think the preperation is the most important part (but dont forget wet-sanding, clearcoating, and rubbing compound)
    The paint scratch website has some good info about prep, painting method, flex additive for bumpers and stuff like that.
    I'll try to post some pics in a couple of days.
    :D If a goober like me can do it, anyone can.
  7. I just found out that my back bumper (which I had thought was in good condition compared to the tails) may have been repainted. Its confusing to say. My fiancé pointed out the black metal loop inside the trunk where the latch catches. Pointing out how theres been some overspray. Red mist over the black loop. I just assumed thats how they assembled it, attached the loop first, then spray the car during the assembly line. What do you think? Anyone else has overspray on their trunk loop?

    My body shop makes fun of my bumper because it just has to be factory. They pointed out how despite using the same paint on every piece, colors are different on metal and plastic pieces. Which is why body shops mix, and why everything I know that has been painted matches. That bumper, slightly darker. Hardly unnoticable unless pointed out
  8. Well you have a few options. I went the route of the Saleen bezels, they are like $69.95 from Saleen, but I got mine brand new off of Ebay for like 25 bucks :). I have heard good things about the new Krylon Fushion paint since it is made for plastics, but it wont match your paint job so again you would have to go black, just make sure you prep the area nicely. Other than that, maybe a professional paintshop would be able to get a paint product that would match your paintjob and stay on the light bezels for a long time with no fading.