94-95's with FMS B and C springs?

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  1. Hey guys
    I was wondering if anyone here has pics of their car with FMS B and C springs? I'd like to see how much they really lower the car.
    How do you like your B/C springs? I've heard a few people say that the C springs are too harsh, and B's feel like stock....
    Other than the slight lowering the B's do, what is the sense of putting them in if they make no difference in the feel/handling of the car?
    How harsh are the C's compared to stock? Personally i dont mind a harsh ride but i dont want to feel like i'm riding on bricks...LOL
    Thanks for the help
  2. Come on guys, somebody has to have pics of their 94-up cars with C or B springs
  3. Well this is my car (left) vs. RC's. I have the C springs and as you can see his car is smibbage lower. I think he has Steeda Sportlines.

  4. This is with 'C' springs
  5. are the B springs lower than the C's??
  6. DUW !! (dial-up warning)
    FMS "C" springs w/new Energy Suspension Isolators all the way around. No coils cut, straight outta the box. The "C" springs in my opinion are just right, I love the ride. Not harsh at all with Bilstein shocks/struts. A tad firmer, but that's it. The top picture was taken a few days afterwards, the springs hadn't really settled then. The bottom picture was taken a month ago, things really settled down by then.

    Sorry, that's all I got available right now. Maybe you can see the "rake" cause the rear looks a little higher than the front (but the car is perfectly level). I like it. :banana: Neither picture was taken on a level surface so that may take away from it a bit. There's not a lot of level ground around here... :shrug:


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  7. Thanks for the pics guys, nice cars!
    I'm still trying to decided what i want to do. I really dont feel that the C springs lower the car enough to my liking. I've heard a few people cut a 1/2-3/4 coil off the springs to make a perfect fit but i'm still not sure i want to do that either.
    Thanks again
  8. You may want to try some Intrax 2" Lowering springs if you want more drop.

  9. screw the FMS springs, get some H&R springs, give maximum motorsports a call
    dont forget some CC plates unless you like spending money on tires
  10. Wow that 2" drop looks sweet...too bad most people agree it's not good to lower our cars 2", because it looks so damn sweet.
  11. That looks sweet. How do you like the ride? What shocks/struts do you have in it? Does it bounce around alot?
    Can somebody tell me why everyone says not to go to that much of a drop? (other than ground clearance)
    I've heard alot of people say its not good to do but i have never heard a reason why...LOL
  12. Fastmangt what kind of struts are you using or can you use the stock ones? Hows the ride and handling? Im thinking of getting these springs.
  13. I just had a post about my B springs if you scroll down the main page you will see my pics. The Bs and Cs have the same ride height. The Bs are a progressive spring, so when you lean on the car they compress and become stiffer. The Bs DO tighten the car up. I can tell it bigtime when I take a corner or swerve back and forth. When I am just cruising the car feels stock, except when I hit a big bump. The Cs feel rougher b/c they are non-progressive ONLY and are rated at 650lbs. The Bs are rated 425lb for the initial compression and then anything past 1/2" compression tightens them up to a 535lb rate. For the street I think progressive springs are the way to go.

    Remember the stock springs are a non-progressive 400lb spring, so anything is better than that.
  14. How much did they lower your car? I want a 2" drop on my 98.
  15. They dropped mine 1 1/8" up front and about 7/8" in the rear. The 2" drop will ride much rougher than stock.
  16. When you lower a stang 2'' (w/springs alone), the front control arms become misaligned with the tie rods and the swaybar. You also lose a good amount of strut travel, so you better get some good ones. Also the control arms are no longer parallel with the ground which will cause more understeer in a corner. There's more, but I can't remember off hand. If you're only going to drive on the street, you probably wouldn't notice, but if you plan on autoX or road racing there would be a noticable decrease in handling. Does look nice though!
  17. well when i put in new struts and shocks i just left off those coily thinkies and it came out liek this, also save me weight :banana:


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  18. with the xenon space invader body kit i cant tell :shrug: