95 gt gold edition??

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  1. Im new to the world of mustangs but they've allways been a eye catchin car for me. Plus a couple of my friends own them. Anyways my parents just bought a 95 mustang gt "gold edition" 5 speed for no apparent reason and they dont even know how to drive 5 speed. so that leaves me to drive it . Anyways. recently ive been in a couple a races. #1- 97 4.6L mustang 5 speed... beat it by a solid.. 6-7 car lengths from 0-160km/h. #2- early ninty's fox body gt 5 speed wiht some dumped exhaust... he got the jump and by the end of second i had um by a length or 2.... and finally... #3 another 90's fox body mustang gt cobra 5 speed. but i know this guy and its got an edelbrock intake manifold exhaust cai and apparently 373 gears... i beat him by a length or so through 2nd with a slow shift into second... I just dont get why my BONE sotck 95 mustang gt 5 speed is beating these cars?!?!?! arnt fox body's suppose to be like the fastest mustang stock produced?! my question is. can anyone see y im beating these cars? or is it maybe a bit more out the box power from it being a gold edition? Any thoughts would make me happy. thanks
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  2. hmm...no "gold" edition made that I know of. I can only guess that someone got a gold mustang, maybe modded it a bit, and sold it as a gold edition
  3. Hmmm. well if not.. then im really stumped on why my cars beating all these other mustangs!!:bang:
  4. No offense, but there is no such thing. Hopefully they didn't sell it to you for any more than a regular GT. Oh, and from the sounds of it, that car isn't so "stock". If it is, those other cars must have had some really crappy drivers.

    Welcome to StangNet! You'll like it here. Post up some pics and lets see what she looks like. What color is the car?
  5. km/h huh, you from canada?
  6. You have the Gold Edition?!?!? That is amazing. There was only one ever produced and it was said to be owned by a wizard from Iceland!!! You must have paid a fortune for it!!!:nice:
  7. It's not a true gold edition unless the driver has at least 2 gold teeth. Your car is not stock or the others don't know how to drive. The Cobra should blow your doors off with a good driver. The 90's GTs would also beat you because they are a lot lighter.
  8. :rlaugh:
  9. It might look stock, but it could very easyily have a cam and some headwork done and you would never know.
  10. No gold edition that I know of either. But my Fathers 95 GT he bought new had the Gold Running Pony. besides that that was the only difference. it wasn't aftermarket or anything. Just way it came.
  11. I know a guy with a 96 vert with gold badging, trim and some crap inside the car. I thought he said he had paperwork indicating it was an ordered option, but I dont know if that is correct, nor if it was an individual dealer add-on (as opposed to a factory option).
  12. See i don't know either. Dad bought his car (which is gone now) one day driving past a dealer ship and it was still on the trailer. He wanted it bad bought it same day.
  13. I know there was some sort of gold edition crap for the 94 95 stangs cause my best friend had one and thats what got me hooked on the 94-95's. The motor and everything else of course is just like a normal gt it just has appearence **** on it. My buddys was a 94 gt, black paint with black and saddle cloth interior. The mustang gt on the side was gold colored and so was the pony, other than that it was just a gt, so I'm pretty sure this was some strange edition for had.
  14. yea i have seen those gold emblem cars but that appears to be as far as it goes... maybe someone moded this car up he said hes new to mustangs he might not know what comes under the hood he car might have a blower and he thinks its stock equipment:D
  15. yeah for a stock 95 5.0 to be beating what he says it must have some pretty decent work done to it!
  16. I really doubt it says "Gold Edition" on the title.
  17. That Gold edition thing was probably one of those deler gimmicks that they added on some Gold trim and called it something different. I mean..probably not a factory thing. I remember dealers doing that with mazda's at one time but it was done at the dealer for a sales gimmick.
  18. I had gold emblems on my car...not anymore however...damn accidents.


  19. i like the gold editions but i was always more into the platinum ones - those r even faster (Mike Jones n Master P. make those btw)
    *btw congrats on the new car and welcome to stangnet it seems lik ur off to a good start since my first posts were how i was gettin ripped by EVERYTHING =)
  20. Well its nice to no i got lots a comments on this. but anyways. i got a digi camera but it might be broken so ill try and take some pics of everything and show u guys. but anyways its black with 2 gold striped down the hood all the way to the back of the car. it has black on red cloth interior and of course the gold emblems. and yes it even says underneath the emblems in gold writting "gold edition" as far as the "could have a blower on it" lol stock intake manifold still so no. Plus we use to have a 94 stang that was auto. it ended up in a bad accident. but this one is the exact same engine looking wise. the car shakes a bit at idle. but i dont think its a cam i think its bad motor mounts. As for the gears in the rear, im pretty sure i got the 3.27. but i mean.. internal wise i unno maybe high compression pistons, head work, the cars got pretty strong oil pressure so maybe the engine was redone and modified a bit. who knows? Thanks for the posts thoe ill be back with some pic's soon.