Electrical 95 Gt Starting Issues...

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by Chad Hensley, Aug 25, 2012.

  1. Ok.. So my car will 90% of the time not start up on first crank. I turn it on hear the fuel pump kick on and build up pressure but I could crank it for a minute and it won't start. If i turn it off then back on it will fire right up and purr like a kitten on the 2nd attempt. Once running it's perfect.

    I've installed new plugs, wires, distributor cap and rotor, coil, cleaned the MAF, and new ACT sensor... Any ideas would be appreciated!!
  2. Maybe the ignition module is taking a dive. If its original it would be on my list of things to change.

    Also the ignition switch (Bolted to the column with security torx bolts) is knows to course irregular starting problems too.

    Just a couple of places to look.
  3. Giving the ignition module a shot tomorrow. Will let ya know.
  4. That didn't do it.... So I figured something out yesterday... When I tap the gas just once before I try to crank it over it will fire right up every time so I figured I would take a look and see how dirty the TB is. I took off the air intake crap and opened up the TB and it's got some pretty good carbon build up past the butterfly but there is a yellow sticker on the TB lip that says "Do not clean. Throttle body has a special coating" Should I head the warning or clean it?
  5. My 94 GT w/ built motor used to do it. I got rid of the SCT chip I had in it and went w/ a megasquirt and I never had the issue again. I'm saying it's tune related in that case. I also have a 94 Cobra H/C/I nothing facy and it does the exact same thing. Stock computer no tune.
  6. Scrap the tapping the gas before starting it. I really have no clue.
  7. This car is pretty much bone stock.. actually did it when it was 100% stock as well. It's not a big problem or anything but I want it to start like it is suppose to and after trying several things I'm pretty much determined to make it start right lol...
  8. I hear ya there. I'm not exactly sure what to say about that on a stock car. Hows the timing?
  9. That's on the list for tomorrow. Still trying to decide whether or not I should clean the throttle body since there is a yellow sticker on it telling me not to.
  10. Did you check the ignition switch? on the column?
  11. Nope, is there a way to check one with out buying a new one?
  12. Possible browned or burned pins from all the resistance caused by it failing.
  13. When you had the air intake apart did you clean the MAF sensor element. Very important. As to the TB warning, most will ignore it. However, it will need to be cleaned more frequently if the coating is removed by using TB cleaner.
  14. Yah. I've installed new plugs, wires, distributor cap and rotor, coil, cleaned the MAF, new ACT sensor, and new ignition control module.
  15. you changed the TFI? what about the PIP?
  16. Not the PIP yet. I'm pretty sure I have it narrowed down to fuel filter or fuel pump. As you cycle the key on and off 2-3 times you can actually hear the fuel pump build up more pressure each time and after 2-3 times it fires right up. So.. changing the fuel filter tomorrow and if that don't work going the new fuel pump route as I'm sure this is probably the original.
  17. Howd you make out on this?
  18. Not good yet... Had a death in the family and haven't been able to do anything lately. I will by Friday though and I'll post my results here.
  19. Ah, sorry to hear that man. Keep us posted for sure.
  20. what about sct chip, I hav one In My 98 stang convertible, they said I couldnt use programmer in 98 model, so 389.00 plus another 150.00 to calibrate speed ommeter,
    It took em 3 or 4 time to set speed right and , comes out of 1st at 35 or so 2nd wont shift if you stand on gas.I just want to know can I buy a programmer that works on 98 Gt? my car gets about 8 mpg since getting chip put in