96-04 Comp Cams XE270AH BRAND NEW

Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder Parts' started by Speedstang302, Sep 3, 2011.

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  1. For sale is a set of brand new comp cams xe270ah camshafts for a 96-04 4.6L 2V. these are brand new never used just been sitting in the box since purchased...i know what these go for and what they are new from suppliers still...

    ill take $500 shipped

    also have a TON of 94-04 Interior, body, suspension, engine stuff..so pm me with interests...dont be affraid of the low posts just found this site....find me on other forums to see.

  2. how many miles are on the suspension parts? what parts do you have? what interior pieces do you have? would also inquire about motor parts but i have a 3.8L
  3. I have a complete grey/black (the two tone grey bottom black top) interior includes everything. I have front/rear black leather seats, and black center console.

    Sorry I have no 3.8l parts only v8 stuff

    And I have 79-98 tubular rear upper/lower control arms only mounted never seen even body weight. Front balljoints and tie rods, steeda strut tower brace, and pretty much every stock piece, nut, bOlt, washer, bushing and bracket off the car.

    Let me know

  4. how much you looking to get for the black seats and center council shipped to 06401. I'm looking to convert my two tone to all black.. How much are you looking to get for the suspension pieces. My stock suspension is shot and it all needs to be replaced. What about a rear end?
  5. Not looking to ship big heavy and awkward pieces like the seats and center console.

    $125 shipped rear control arms
    $30 shipped front balljoints
    $30 shipped front tie rod end

    And what about the rear end?
  6. didn't know if u had one for sale. Where in mass are you? i'm in CT
  7. Unfortunately I'm on cape cod. Bout hour from the CT/RI line.

    And no sorry no whole rear end for sale. Check out craigslist in the area there's been TONS on there lately for some reason!
  8. do you have the stock gt intake?
  9. By intake you mean manifold? Plenum? Air intake?
  10. how much are u looking to get for the seats?
  11. What kind of performance parts do you have for 99-04? Any exhaust or lowering springs? Shoot me an email with a list when you get a chance -- [email protected]
  12. PM'd :flag:
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