96-98 Cobra?

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  1. Hello all, I am looking to buy a 96-98 Cobra. They are finally in my price range so it is time to start looking.

    MY big question is, how do these cars peform? I know they have around 300 HP correct? What are some known issues with these cars?

    I was thinking of a set of Fox Lake ported 4v heads, will these work on my car? Also then a blower and a new shifter and leave everything else alone. How much power would you guestimate? 350 rwhp?

    Thanks in advance guys! :)
  2. I just got me a black 98 cobra over the summer and my brother got a 96 cobra the summer before me.

    His cobra runs very well and we usually race... the cars are a bit different the 96 cobras rpms go up faster than mine but i can pull my gears much longer than he can and i sometimes have the edge. These model cars are awsome....you can do many modifications.

    Oh.....make sure that you check it out and get a vehicle history report, and at least know what kind of person has been taking care of the car. Other than that they are very fun cars i would perfer the 98 cobra...just cuz i have one.

    If you are thinking of adding major hp then look into the TURBO KITS FOR THE COBRA. They add a lot of horse power ranging from. 450hp to 850hp.

    These cobras have 305 hp with 300 torque but with crank loss. that is 15% hp gone. You will look at around 260-270hp but crank loss is with every car so it is no big deal.

    You should definately get a Cobra. Good Choice
  3. I love my 1998, especially as I don't like the looks of the 1999 and up. With the solid rear axle and similar power you can take a '99 and up N/A Cobra (I can!). Plus they have to baby their IRS with soft launches.

    Good luck!
  4. I got my 98 because of the color...I didn't/don't like the 99+ body style.

    The 96's had a serious overheating problem that I think most owners "fixed". Have your local Ford dealer do an OASIS check on one to see if it was fixed b4 you buy if you decide on a 96....96 was the only year for the color change (mystic) paint for this body style.

    The 98 has a slight power edge via a pcm programing change...don't think it's noticable. Also, the fuel system is totally different on the 98...not returnless, but the new integrated pump/pickup in the tank.

    If you are staying stock, the 98 also had the 95R type wheels which are pretty cool.

    Good luck..you'll enjoy any of the year models that you buy!
  5. just curious, do any of you know your track times?? 1/4 mile.
  6. heating problems

    Have to agree with the heating being the only problems I have heard of. Seems to have been so bad that Ford came out with a correction in radiators and such to fix it. I am rather partial to my Mystic Cobra and cant tell you the eyes it catches. They tried to sell it for 20 but i eventually got it for 12 just before they went bankrupt (lucky me) Try to find a 96 mystic and you wont be sorry. They have so much you can do to them as well. Can see my mods in my signature, still saving for a super charger..later-shane
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    heres the signature-shane
  8. Best so far was at Carlsbad drag strip 12.175, mods are in the sig.
  9. I run a 13.13 @ 104.1 mph. I have not ran with DR's yet. They should put me into the high 12's.
  10. There was a TSB for fuel line brazing for the 98 cobra's. The differences are pretty minor for those years. In 98 they took out the dash pod clock and the strut tower brace. They also changed to seays that INHO look a little cheaper ( The carpet comes up partway on the seat). The 98 has 98 cobra wheels not 95 cobra r wheels. The difference is VERY minor put you can see it. The 98 got a slightly better center console again IMO. The brake lines run slightly different in the 98's as well. I have a 97 and my former roommate has a 98. And we spent hours looking at all the differences.
  11. Sorry, I don't mean to hi-jack the thread, but I have a question that pertains to 96-98 cobras.

    So far, the only performance mods I have in my '97 Cobra is an o/r x-pipe and flows welded in. Don't get me wrong, this car has lots of power, but I wish it had more low end torque. Coming from a FI max, I wasn't expecting the Cobra to be faster, just to be torquier in the lower RPMs. It's not. Are 4.10's my only answer to this, short of boosting? I was very close to purchasing a Camaro Z28 or SS, and as we all know, they make tons of torque. Is there nothing our cute little 4.6's can do to make our Cobras torquey low end beasts? shy.gif

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