97 Explorer Upper On 98 Lower

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  1. as the title say can i run a 97 explorer upper on a 98 lower with no problem. i want to keep my egr valve
  2. Part numbers would be more useful than years here. There are two "1998" lowers. One has the EGR...one does not.

    If you want the internal EGR, use the lower with part number RF-F87E-9K461-BA.

    The lower with part number RF-F87E-9K461-BB does not have the internal EGR.

    As for the upper intake, if it has the center EGR hole (early intakes have this) you are good to go
  3. the ending on the lower is bb the upper ends in ca
  4. Really need more than that....

    But if the lower -bb matches the part number I posted above, than that is not an EGR equipped lower manifold
  5. As stated, look at the part # and if the upper has the EGR hole in the middle you are good. Mike posted this pic a few years back.

    later model on the left early model on the right with EGR port

  6. the upper is f67e-9425-ca the lower is rf-f87e9k461-bb
  7. i have the one on the right for the upper ididnt know if the upper and lower had to match
  8. You have this lower? Does not have hole in the center of it for the EGR or the IAT boss on the #5 runner?

    Your uppper looks like this, correct?


    Sorry, you have the wrong lower if you want to maintain your factory EGR. You need to get the one that has the EGR provision and as stated is RF-F87E-9K461-BA, from a 93-97.
  9. can i still run them just not has egr function
  10. Are you asking will it fit? Yes. However, you will trip the CEL, have codes. To do it right, remove the EGR and get a blockoff or bypass plate, cap off the vacuum lines, plug the holes in the back of the heads, and get a tune for the CEL. IT will cost you a lot more to properly delete the EGR than to just buy the proper lower intake and sell the one you have. There is no performance benefit IMO in removing the EGR.
  11. could i just leave it hooked up
  12. Read my answer again.
  13. how bad will it take away from drivability
  14. Hard to say.

    You'll either never notice a thing, or join the ranks of those wondering why the car idles poorly, has poor gas mileage and overall doesn't run right after disabling smog and emission equipment. I've seen plenty of each.

    Can you possibly search out the correct lower intake and then sell the one you have? -BA lower would have the hole for the EGR and it would be a factory install.

    FYI the explorer uses an external EGR, so the internal EGR was never used on the explorer. They are simply holdovers from its Mustang roots, so it's entirely possibly to get mismatched set ups from a transition year explorer (I believe 1997 was the year)
  15. they were on a 97 mountaineer
  16. Just spend the $50 and get the right lower, sell yours, and be done with it.

  17. do i need the egr spacer if i get the correct lower manifold and what do i need to reuse the egr coolant line
  18. You can do just about anything you want to do if you are willing to pay the price for it...

    Without the EGR spacer, there is no place to mount the stock throttle cable mount bracket.

    You could make a throttle cable mount, but somehow I doubt that fabrication of parts is one of your better talents...
  19. Another reason I like my ported like a mofo' Cobra intake that only needs a TB and a I just use a EGR block off plate on the back:nice: