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  1. hello, now I am working on my A/C system,
    so far had to replace the evaporator , Accumulator hoses ,
    and now need to replace the compressor also the condenser , so yea , I think thats mean everything ,

    locally , the compressor w/clutch will cost 700$
    and the condenser around 450$

    so , again going to get my things online ,

    I saw few of them online , some are universal some are direct fit , some are remanufactured,
    and so ,I thought it would be better to see and ask which would be a better choice for performance of cooling my *** and for saving as much cash .

    all kind of help accepted :D

    thanks people .

  2. I recently replaced my A/C system minus the condensor and used Four Seasons compressor, office tube and accumulator with no problems. It was considerably cheaper and the parts are working flawless.

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  3. rockauto.com

    Get all Motorcraft where you can afford it..it'll be $700ish for everything and that's OE products too.
  4. My AC system gave me fits for several years continuously. I ended up replacing (at different time mind you!) the condenser, the major hoses, all the seals which I could reasonably access the compressor clutch and finally the compressor.

    Long story short, I dumped a bunch of money into the system and the compressor locked up shortly later (I paid attention to ensure the recommended amount of oil was added with each repair). I said screw it, I'll try a j-yard compressor... if it works, great. if not, F-it. Pulled a reasonably clean compressor from the j-yard... threw it in with some new oil, charged it up. So far, 2 years and 25k miles and it still blows cold (knocks on wood). I haven't even topped it off.

    Anyway, you don't care about that, but I want to comment on OEM quality. With anything else, you don't know what you'll get, but a motorcraft part should provide a good service life (even if it is used). Also, when I replaced my condenser, I used a cheap (non-motorcraft) part. I could tell immediately it lost capacity. In extremely hot weather, it doesn't cool as well, and I know that's because the new condenser has less fins, less aluminum and generally doesn't provide as much heat transfer.
  5. I got a used compressor for my 03 Expedition last year. It' has worked flawlessly.