A9L swap question

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by 94blackgt 1621, Jun 2, 2006.

  1. if your messing around with the t4mo and j4j1 toons:)D ).

    Your going to be better off working with the j4j1, prob. 99% of people have far better luck with tuning the j4j1 over the t4mo.

    Some things I have noticed as far as moving things from the t4mo and j4j1's.

    If your going to use the t4mo maftransfer use the t4mo breakpoint and inj. slopes style. For some reason when I used any part of the j4j1's breakpoint, slope style, and maftransfer the car ran soft for me mixed with the t4mo. The t4mo breakpoint, slope style (if setup correctly) and maftransfer work great but just keep it an all or nothing type thing.

    The better tune with the j4j1 seems to come from the fact that it was a "roushed" rush job and has some deeper programing changes over the t4mo to just work better as a tune base. Once you adj. the timing and A/F (after you know you are getting commanded A/F) for best WOT perf. it will be as good as any 486 A9 swap from the pentium II we have:D
  2. If you don't get noticably better results right off the bat .............

    Be sure to let us know as several in this forum have had pretty good results with the j4j1 as you see by Greg's post above.

    Several ways to skin that cat :rlaugh:

    Some work better than others :shrug:

    anyway ........

    I also run it with my 95GT ... its worked OK for me :)