About To Get Started On The 76 Cobra...

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  1. ive decided since I got this car for free, and my 17 year old nephew is in love with this thing..... that if he puts in the work and money for a portion of the cars needs.... hes going to own it when its done...theres a lot to do on this thing but its straight and mostly there....
    as for the outside... I think we are going back to the stock white with blue stripes, as for wheels, im hunting for either a set of 15" or 16' enkie mesh wheels....gonna lower it a little and make it handle... the v6 is going bye-bye.... in its place will be a 2.3 turbo with a t5..... somewhere around 200 horse... should b e fine for this car....and should get decent mileage along with having more power than the factory v8 cobras of the era...im going to have my hands in this but im going to have Zach do most of the wrench turning on this...
    this is Zach my nephew and his project..... as it goes into the shop.....
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  2. little update... got some work done on it 2 weeks ago when Zach came over for the weekend...also just made a deal for a fresh rebuilt 2.3 turbo longblock from a buddy... still on the stand.....
  3. gota lil more done....
  4. Looks like a great start! Was the car originally white? Anything interesting about the car (options, etc.)?
  5. yeah, white with blue stripes, white interior, v6 4sp, ac.... another family member who does custom paint has offered to do a airbrush cobra on the hood once its got the base color done....hes pretty good at that kinda stuff.....
  6. Nice project. Take your time and do the best job you can. You will really enjoy the car when it is done. For many years to come, you can just change the oil and drive it. I've been driving mine for 30 years.
  7. guess its time for a update....

    been doing some work to it and gathering parts....ill let the pics talk....
  8. Wow, thats a serious build.
  9. update.... got some color on the engine compartment


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  10. Nice work, mine is taking way longer than I expected, keep us posted
  11. little more done, strut arm bushings will be in today and getting ready to order spindles, shocks, rotors, calipers, brake line kit, bearings, booster and master cylinder....
    lower control arms are new, uppers are just cleaned up, with new bushings ball joints and some black chassis paint....rack is new with tie rod ends and is a manual unit with polished center... should be a roller in a month or so...
  12. so any input on the manual steering decision? i'm thinking about going that way myself.
  13. I drive 2 pintos with manual steering.. I feel the road more, its less clutter in the engine bay and less things to leak...
  14. lemme rephrase that a little,

    I feel the car better....
  15. That what I was thinking, the short time I drove the car before we pulled it apart I noticed that old Ford PS from days gone by that is so light you don't even feel the road, I do believe thats the way I want to go, also less clutter under the hood, Thanks for your insight.
  16. So you're a Pinto guy, tell me is it true that the Pinto Wagon's had an 8 inch rear, thats one more thing I need for my swap and I'm looking to find out just what I can use.
  17. v6 wagons had 8" rears and you can occasionally find them in hatches too...fyi, i have a low mile 8" 3.00 gear posi center chunk for sale if youre looking. maybe 1000 miles on it..
    also some mavericks have them too but the width is a little different and some are 5 lug..
  18. That is very tempting, but at the moment I'm unemployed but I would wonder just how much you would want for it.
  19. id have to get 4 plus shipping....im in no rush to get rid of it...its not taking up much room