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  1. Who makes the best electronic ignition conversion kits? It seems like most people use the Pertronix, but I was looking at the Accel 2020. Anyone here use it?

    Accel 2020 is the least expensive from what I have found at $33.00.

    I was reading a article on another Mustang forum/site, but couldn't finish reading it without a subscription. They were talking about the Pertronix, Crane, and Mallory units. From what I did read, it basically sounded like they thought the Pertronix was overpriced, especially compared to the others.

    It seems like a lot of people on these forums have trouble with the Pertronix, but that could be because of the larger number of people that use them.

    What is the general opinion of these all these units?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. I have the accell kit that your talking about. no problems easy install... i recomend getting their coil as well as its matched for it.
    I also bought an extra kit and put it in the trunk in case it dies.
    no personal experience with the pertronix... but from what ive heard the orgional is much better than the second version.
  3. Exactly. THere seem to be more reports of problems with the 2nd version Pertronix. And they are expensive. Problems with Pertronix come up here frequntly with how they are installed.
    We use the Accell part in every car we convert in the shop. No problems so far and easy install compared to the pertronix. Oh yea, cost nearly half what the pertronix costs too.
  4. You two guys are the first I have heard of that have the Accel kits. I feel the same as you about the price being way less than Pertronix.

    You both haven't had any problems with Accel 2020?

    Most people say they don't like the Accel ones, but have never used them. I also haven't heard from anyone that owns one and has had problems.

    Thanks for the repy.

    Any more inputs on these? So far I am leaning toward the Accel 2020.
  5. Accel

    But the better unit is made by Crane-has a built in rev limiter:

    Summit Racing link for the price- $64. WHich is still less than the Pertronix generally...

    We use the Accel when we can't get the Crane unit fast enough. The local Advance store stocks the Accel unit for us. Have to order the Crane unit.

    Oh yea, no customer returns or problems called in on at least 4 Accel units so far...
  6. I've used the Pertronix "I" & "II". Never had a problem with either. The only difference I found between these is the "II" didn't develop a mis-fire after a thru the carb "hiccup" backfire. I'm also currently running a Crane XR-1. Again, zero problems with it. I used a Mallory Promaster coil (the points and electronic model) with both the Pertronix "II" & the XR-1. I ran the same Pertronix "I" one two different engines also.
  7. the accell kit is pretty much a duplicate of the mallory unilte conversion i've been running for years. good system as far as i'm concerned. accell is owned by the same compant that owns mallory too, BTW, which is Mr gasket.
  8. Has anybody tried using the Crane system with a dual point? It says single on Summits sight, but nothing on Jegs' site.

    Also how does the rev limiter adjust: in 250, 500, 1000 rpm increments?

  9. If it says single point, it won't fit a dual point. The dimensions for the two point sets are different. And just from a brief look at mine a couple weeks ago, the rev adjustment was in 1000 rpm increments, but don't hold me to that. I can look again tomorrow
  10. I just installed a Pertronic Ignitor (the first, not the second version - I have also heard about problems with version II) and new coil today and noticed instant positive results - smoother idle, smoother acceleration. I haven't adjusted the timing yet, but I was impressed as is. I have not compared to the others, so they may be just as good or better for the price. I bought one of those "all inclusive" kits from CJ Pony or another one of those parts warehouses. Pretty straightforward installation, even for a non-wrench like me.


    P.S. - I have a 200 I6, if that makes a difference.
  11. i just bought one of the $30 Accel kits off ebay for the cougar and as i said before it is virtually identical to the mallory version i have in the stang, the only difference is the color of the rotor and the module and the packaging. the accel kit comes in a little plastic clamshell thing whereas my mallory kit came in a real nice box, but that was 15 years ago or more.
  12. in my past experiance,if says accel i wont use it,there quality control is in my opinion is a one armed blind man
  13. I got a good deal on an Accel 2020 kit on the internet at $33. I'm going to try to install it this week and see how it does. If it is junk or not, I will post once I get it running and use it for a while. Thanks to all who posted a reply.

  14. well if that's how you feel, then don't use Mallory, Jacobs, Hurst, Erson or any other Mr Gasket product because they are all made in the exact same plant and the QC is the same for all of them.
  15. I installed the original petronix kit in my 67 4 years ago. It worked great and was much better than stock. Easy install and never had a problem with it. It did cost close to a hundred buck though.

    I switched to an all MSD setup last year though, but not because I was having any problems.
  16. At one point that was sort of true, but not any more.
    Hurst is owned by B&M, Erson was sold (can't remember exactly who owns it now) some parts were made in Carson City, some in Cleveland, and a growing number overseas.....
    That being said, the new electronic conversions were relatively problem-free when I was still there.
    Mallory boxes were "spec" boxes in an ARCA series and the ENTIRE field went 2 full years without a failure.
    Take that for what you want.

    I was a rep for MrG for 10+ years. QC was a constant thorn in my side. Let's just say I am glad to be where that is the least of my worries!
  17. I've not had a problem with my P II ignition since installation, and I hate to allow an internet thread to spoil the well, but I'm planning a trip from Southern Maryland to California and back next year with my son as a graduation gift in '09. I can't take the chance of having a problem with an aftermarket ignition, so out came the P II modified original distributor and in went a Duraspark. I swapped the old style black cap and vacuum advance unit over to the new dizzy for looks.

    I hid the ignition module under the hollow battery, and used a rev limiter repair pigtail ($25) to connect to a MSD blaster II coil ($40) and the factory wiring without having to cut and splice the original (replacement) engine feed harness. I bought a used Ford module, distributor core and wire harness for about $40 at a salvage yard. I took the core to A-Zone and got a rebuilt one for a little over $50. In the end it cost as much as a P II, but replacement parts are available at any auto parts store from coast to coast. The peace of mind is worth it and the performance is on par with anything out there.

  18. i forgot about the hurst acquisition by B&M, thanks. pretty sure they still own Erson though, unless that's a new development that i haven't heard about yet.

    i used to work for Super Shops back in the day (early 90's) and we had problems with a bunch of mallory unilite modules going bad, was a bad batch of them (big batch) but once they got that sorted out and got the bad modules out circulation we very rarely had another return on them. i got a couple of those bad ones myself and now have about 3 spares in the garage just in case. luckily, the accel version is the same thing as what i have now so i'll still have some spare modules.

    that said, i'll eventually do what 69 g-machine did and go to a duraspark dizzy and an MSD blaster ignition box and just keep a spare duraspark box in the trunk should i ever need it, already got a brand new one out there just no dizzy to go with it.

    along with the accel conversion kit i also bought an NOS accel super stock coil that looks identical to a stock yellow top coil with the terminals in the right place and everything, a little paint and no one will ever know the difference between it and a stock one. i've also got a mallory hy-fire box in the garage that i'll hook up for a while too. i'll call this my vintage stealth system (gonna hide the hy-fire under the dash or something) and the duraspark, blaster system will be the next step in that plan. also going to use the new adjustable vacuum advance for the stock early vacuum units that just came out a while back too, so i'll have a much better than stock ignition that looks pretty much bone stock
  19. Yup, they sold it a while ago. Can't remember the name of the people who bought it. EPW? Engine Parts Warehouse? Engine Parts Wholesale? Something like that.
    They still have a location in Carson City.