accufab tells me bigger throttle bodies are useless on our cars

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  1. 1st email:
    Will you ever produce the 94-95 mustang throttle bodies again? Why were they discontinued?

    their response:
    We have no plans to re-introduce a bigger throttle body for the '95-'95 Mustangs. We discontinued them when we realized that because of the unique imbedded EGR in those intake manifolds, they made no additional HP regardless of the size of the throttle bodies. It was like increaseing the size of the upper part of an hourglass. Regardless of how big the top part is, the restrction in the middle of the hourglass determines how fast the sand goes through it. Our policy here at Accufab is to not sell anything that does not increase horsepower. It's just our company policy.

    2nd email from me:
    I'm a little confused by what you are saying here. Are you talking about the elbow between the throttle body and intake manifold? There are aftermarket versions up to 75mm. If you are talking about the throttle body itself there are definitely power increases to be had, at least on power adder cars. I have kenne bell cobra and had a 70mm throttle body that gave me idle problems. When i went back to the stock 65mm i saw a 5hp loss at the rear wheels on the dyno. I'm upgrading my blower now and the 65mm is way small. I will be getting a 75mm throttle body from ford racing or edelbrock because they are the only alternatives to bbk. I would love to run an accufab and am 100% positive there is demand for the 94-95's. If your tests were done on stock cars i can see what you're saying, but heads/cam/intake and/or power adders are all over the place on these cars.

    accufab's 2nd response:
    Joe, the 94-95 Mustang 5.0's use what is basically a GT-40 or Cobra style intake manifold. The lower part is straight GT-40. The upper part is where the problem lies. The upper part has an imbedded EGR in it, and this is a restriction. If you exchanged the 94-95 upper for a GT-40 type upper from a 87-93 5.0, you would be able to get around this EGR problem because the early versions have a removable and replaceable EGR. In other words, if you want to use a 75MM throttle body, you can also use a 75MM EGR. This is NOT possible with the 94-95 upper intakes, and that is why the airflow does not increase with larger throttle bodies. Trust me on this, adding a larger TB to the 94-95 upper intake will NOT produce more HP. The 5 HP difference you noticed between the 70MM and the 65MM unit was an illusion. Unless you did this TB swap as a back to back swap, on the same day and within an hour of each other, you will get results that are meaningless in reality. A 5 HP difference can be attributed to just a weather change alone. We do alot of dyno work, both on the engine dyno and the chassis dyno, plus, we have an airflow bench. Believe me, if a bigger TB would make a difference on the 94-95 Mustang 5.0's, we would be offering one.

    If you really want to make a difference, swap the upper intake you have for a GT-40 type upper that fits a 87-93 Mustang 5.0. But be carefull. I have heard that there could be some hood clearance issues. The lower hood on the 94-95 is the cause of all these probvlems, and is why the TB is angled down and forward by 3-degrees. If you have a cowl induction (raised) hood you should have no problems. Same as if you have Energy Suspension engine mounts, becasue they lower the engine slightly.


    sorry for the long ass post, but i thought it would be good to show the entire string. what the hell are they talking about? i saw a 5 hp gain to the wheels on my car on a dyno when i swapped back to my stocker back to back. i guess i don't even understand what their argument is.
  2. CO'MON they realy said that...:shrug:

    I call :bs: on there end
  3. That just doesn't make sense, all due respect to Accufab. Are you telling me a 347 with a 94-95 style upper intake manifold wouldn't benefit from going from the stock 60mm unit to a larger 70 or 75mm unit?

    I think this is Accufab's way of saying there aren't that many 94-95's out there, the market segment is small, so its not worth us producing and storing these. Just my .02.

  4. I second that
  5. I would call. Sounds like someone is having a bad day.

    I know that a bigger throttle body wont flow much more on a stock 5.0 but if You have done a H/C/I thats another story.
  6. Dont let Grn92LX see that post! :nonono:

    I say to Accufab Screw the results...if we "idiots" want to spend our money on those things, let us :lol: Just convert to a Fox Setup...that's what Im doing because I really wanted an Accufab with the polished IAC! :nice:
  7. Talk to George Klass at Accufab. There explanation does not sound to far off actually.

    The bottom line is that if the throttle body area is larger than the throttle body runner thereafter, there is not going to be gain.

    Just like the MCSA of a cylinder head. The gains are just not there...

    If the intake can support it, then go with a larger throttle body.

    A large throttle body into a much smaller area creates a pressure drop, but this is not a carb car. :)
  8. IIRC this same thing on hardcore a few years ago...

    I think the end result was that simply put there is not enough of a market to keep yet another t-body option (high end one at that) marketable. I may not agree 100% how they justified this...I am a big boy if you dont think the market is big enough for our 2yr run I understand. Dont hide behind a chart/graph/study that basicly states it is worthless :notnice: .

    Does Accufab make nice t-body's...YES.

    Do they or will they make new 94-95 specific models...NO.

    Is the EGR thing as big of a deal as they say? It could be a reason...I doubt the sole reason with as many aftermarket intakes and elbows that do not have this "bottleneck". I am focusing on aftermarket intakes for those of us that want to keep the stock style t-body...say we need/want to keep the stock EGR?

    If you look long enough you could find a used one...or swap to a fox style t-body. If you wanted one bad enough you can run one.
  9. I agree with accufab totally. Not trying to p.o. anyone here. In that email Accufab is addressing strictly 94-95 5.0 engines...not 347's or s/c. I also agree that 347 and/or PA is a different story.
  10. bite the bullet....switch to fox set up
  11. More businees for BBK and the like I guess. That being said, I would never consider a T/B swap on a stock '94-'95 manifold either, I don't care how many cubes the engine has. There are many more cost effective mods that you could be doing.
  12. Phew

    I wouldnt either, get rid of that POS intake before anything else is done.
  13. :Word:

    The "customary" thing to do is Intake, TB, and Meter all in one shot. That being said, I still think Accufab is retarded for not making them.. If there is a need, go for it I say!
  14. who cares if it's useless on a stock intake? who is upgrading their throttle body with a stock intake anyway? my upper is a kenne bell for god's sake, don't tell me a bigger throttle body won't do anything
  15. Does your Kenne Bell not utilize a Fox throttle body? If so, who really cares if they don't make '94-'95 throttle bodies anymore? :shrug:

    ...Oh and you're going to have to consense that signature down some. It's taking up too much space. Thanks :)
  16. that even possible with the KB on there?
  17. yeah same as any other upper. i'm just getting the ford racing tb
  18. My issue is I can not do a fox swap and keep the EGR. I do not want to remove the EGR. I have a non internal gt40 exploder intake so I run the elbow that is larger and does not have the restriction the stock intake has on the inside.

    I have heard great things about the Accufab t-body and issues with other brands and the blade/blade rod sticking. I would love to run an accufab unit and the argument about the restriction is not as applicable to me IMHO and many others that have something besides the stock intake.

    The fox t-body swap does clean up the engine bay a bit but at this point I am just not willing to go without the EGR.

  19. This is "one" of the reasons Im doing it...the nicer look with the blower. The other 2 are so and I can run the polished Accufab and I can use a polished Vortech Discharge tube instead of that plastic thingy..

  20. i understand what svt8183 is saying, and it does sux. i was going to do a fox body TB but then i bought a turbo kit 3 years ago. the kit is made to fit a 94-95 TB, so i'm struck buying whats only made for our year cars.
    IIRC accufab made TB bigger then 75mm which i would think would be awesome for turbo applications.

    would i buy a accufab TB? yeah, but i had to spend my money else where.