Exhaust Advice on exhaust set up I'm putting in my 06 GT

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  1. Hello all,

    I am planning on getting some kooks long tube headers with kooks off road shorty x-pipe and some Flowmaster Outlaws catbacks. My question is if anyone knows how loud my car would sound with this set up. I want it to sound loud but I don't want it to be too excessively loud. If any one has this set up or something similar if you can be kind and link me a video so I can hear how it sounds. This is the only thing holding me back from buying this set up so if someone knows please let me know or show me a video so I can hear how it sounds.

    Thank you
  2. I would go to You -tube and search around or a simple google search through videos - it's going to be louder for sure - off road pipe w/o cats will increase out put ....I would go H-pipe for the old school sound - kooks is a great choice for long tubes ....don't know much about the cat back flows ....
  3. I have dude but I can't find anything similar. Also a lot of people put videos up but with no explanation of what they have in the car. This is why I'm here to see if maybe someone reads my post and replies with a video of what I'm looking for
  4. I poked around and found a bunch of outlaw flows axle backs on stangs - just find one with a set of long tube headers and it should get you close - doesn't matter too much what the 'brand' is on the long tubes ..... oh and those axle backs are pretty loud from what I've seen - L/T's will just make them even louder and more throaty-
  5. "How loud" is relative. You'll be hard pressed to find someone posting exhaust reviews a-b testing different systems with a dB meter. (but it would be pretty cool)

    My relative answer is that setup would be pretty friggin loud. Another way to put it is this, I would like it, but my wife and neighbors would hate it.
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  6. You couldn't be more correct.....I had a younger guy neighbor last yr. - he and his friends were out late at a 'bar' the night before St. Patty's day - drunk / yelling when they got back at 3AM + ....woke me out of a sound sleep (windows were open) - I went down there asked them nicely to 'cool it' ....save it for tomorrow and the dude was like really?? ...like the wake up alarm with the mustang every morning when you pull it out at 7AM to go to work?....hahaha ...I had nothing to really say after thato_O - my exhaust sets off car alarms as it goes down the street.....oh and the wife won't even 'sit' in it or drive with me at all.....:confused:
  7. That setup would be like cranking it up to 11. If you have neighbors, they will hate you. Small children and the elderly will flee.
  8. I have a student that has an 07 Gt with long tubes, Flowmaster outlaws and no cats, plus a blower. I may be old but the sound is way to raspy for me doesn't that deep tone I like, kind of like putting a bunch of nails in a can and shaking them up. Plus the other comment he made was the vibration in the car is terrible. This is a common problem with Flowmaster the frequency they set up in their mufflers is really rough on the cars and ears. In my opinion there are much better muffler systems out there. If loud sound is all you are after Flowmaster or SLP's will give it to you. I teach engine dynamics and believe me if what you want is more power for your money then do some research before you lay down your money. If you are buying Kooks long tubes talk to them about a complete system and how it will sound. Don't forget to factor in quality of the product, you do not want to spend the money twice.
    Hope that helps
  9. Yep, X pipes tend to be very raspy. H pipes tend to have the more "traditional" sound to them.