Advised by a fellow SVT Stanger to AVOID 4.10 gears! Soo confused now, help.

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by Craig Mack, Dec 14, 2003.

  1. One last thing....when people say 4.10's suck at the track, what they really mean they are not IDEAL for someon interested in the best possible ET.

    They are not ideal, because you shift right before you hit the you are only in the beginning of your powerband...not peak.

    4.30's will put you more in the peak power band, and 4.56's even more.
    But in the end it's a combination....power/gear/tire size. Some guys with a 4.56 will use a tall tirer at the track to "take a little gear" out of it, so these cross the traps right around redline...without having to shift into 5th.

    Hope that helps a little.
    Anyway, if it's a street car with an occasional trip to the track, 4.10's will be a lot of fun :nice:
  2. 1st gear - a little over 30
    2nd gear- a little over 60
    3rd gear- about 90
    4th gear- about 120
    my car will break loose in 2nd gear when the motor revs hit about 3700. That should be well within your 20-40 passing range. In 4th gear you will be doing approx. 3000 rpm @ 60. That's close enough to your torque peak to pull like a train when you want to pass.

    Go 4.10.

    BTW. I get about 16 mpg around town and 21 on the highway at 80+ in OD.
  3. do not get anything less than 4.10's. I am anouther one who has 4.10's and wish I had gone with 4.30's. I think the only reason I went 4.10 is because I plan on adding a power adder later on.
  4. Are you serious? Just get the gear... Why mess around going from a 3.27 to a 3.73? With 4.30's you'll be doing about 3,200 at 80mph. That sould be enough for most people. I drove from SC to VA a few weeks ago with speeds ranging from 80-100mph and the car didn't miss a beat. According to that speed calculator 6,500rpm would be 172mph in 5th. I don't even think the car would pull that far, but you don't have to worry about "toping out" too soon.

    I was afraid my wife would think the 4.30's were too much. She didn't and neither will you.
  5. Don't ever listen to that person again...

    Get any gear 4.10 and above and drive the car, you'll wish you'd done it sooner.
  6. Thank you guys for the reinforcements! I have decided not to fear the gear!

    However, I think i'll be a p#ssy and go with 4.10's over 4.30's. :D From what you guys are saying though, 4.10's should still be noticeable.

    Now all I have to do is convince my grandparents to make this my Christmas present. :)
  7. You'll be thoroughly happy with your 4.10s. Trust me. Glad you didn't "FEAR THE GEAR".
  8. We called a local Mustang shop in central Florida, and they want $150 for the gears, but just under $400 to install them! They also want $950 for springs/struts + install. Well that is waay out of the price range.

    I was at my tranny shop today, and told him about the 4.10's, and he asked "are they for the rear end? Do they come with hub rings? If they are i'll install 'em for $250". Are they part of the rear end? As far as I know, the rear end is just a differencial relating to traction and powering the rear wheels, right? I'm confused.....but I'm coming from a Maxima, where many of these parts don't exist, and it's FWD. :D Please edjoOkAyTe me.
  9. I would try to find out where Mustang guys in your area are going for gear installs.

    I played with the gear calculator, & a stock-geared Cobra in 4th gear is about the same as a 4.56-geared Cobra in 5th. Drive around in 4th for awhile if you want a taste of the freeway rpms.
  10. Definitely don't go to the tranny shop you mentioned, sounds like real idiots that work their! Call around for another shop. You live in Florida, you could definitely find a Mustang or any other shop that know what they are doing and can install them for around 200 for labor. Good luck!!

    BTW- You should seriously rethink your purchase of the gears! Go with 4.30s!! Not that much of a difference in the rpms! They are really fun, dont miss out and get 4.10s!!!!! :banana:
  11. I second that.
    There's not a lot of tolerance with a gear install on these IRS cars. A lot of people get a "vibe" at high MPH with a gear change. The gears are now spinning a lot faster than the stock the vibe becomes more noticable.

    You want a shop that has done it before, takes their time, knows what they are doing, will break them in, and test the car to make sure there is no vibe.

    I think I paid around $450 for the install, but I also had a custom aluminum DS made and I have NO vibe at all. The gears are installed in the rear housing (if I'm reading correctly that you aren't sure where the gears actually are installed). Now, the tranny also has gears, so that may be why the tranny shop was asking that question.

    Anyway, get it done by a Mustang shop if at all possible.

    As for the shocks and struts...that sounds about right. A decent package will cost you around $500-$600 and way up for better ones. Couple hours of labor and there's $800 out the door. Just mod in steps and it won't seem like you have to take out a loan just for the mod work :nice:
  12. I go to the track about 3-4 times a year, and love my 4:10's. I don't see that many Cobras (96-98) with 4:30's running much faster than with the 4:10's. Maybe I'm wrong though. :shrug:
  13. I had lamotta performance install my ford racing 4.10 gears in my convertible. The total was $408 including the price of the gears, that was three years ago though, not sure what the labor would be now. The 4.30s in my cobra I installed myself.
  14. I haven't seen any before/after gear comparisons. I always see other mods in with the gear swap. I have 3.73's and they take awhile to wind out, but i'm trapping higher than you with similar mods. You have cats and a 4.10, I have no cats and a 3.73. I also have lowering springs which are not the best for drag racing.
  15. I Have lowering springs also, (FMS C springs). I think the exhaust, and drag radials helped more than the gears for the track.

    By the way larger gears are better when stuck in traffic, less clutch work. the 3:27's were horrible.
  16. Go For 4.10's


  17. Whats up Craig? To answer your questions, yes 4.10's and above give you a SIGNIFICANT improvement with torque and awesome power from 1-5 gear.
    In regards to "passing power" suppose your on the freeway going 55, or 65, you wont even need to take your car out of 5th gear to accelerate. When driving on the freeway, a 4.10 and up(numerically higher geared cobra) will get to the speed you desire all with ease in 5th gear while you are asking yourself, am I really going 90 already?! An to comment on your final point, you wont hate the short ratios. Gurantee you will think someone put a different engine in your Cob after it gets geared out...It's that big of a difference :flag:
  18. Thanks for the reply man. The 4.10's will put me in my powerband a lot faster then the 3.27's, and since my powerband stretches allllll the way out to 6800rpm, the 4.10 gear swap is a very viable idea. That's the overall jist that i'm getting. Here's what I think when comparing 4.10 gears to stock gears:

    3.27's are taller, accelerate "slower", but bring you to a faster mph overall in each gear.

    4.10's are shorter, accelerate "faster" but demand you to shift at a lesser mph.

    So sometimes I think that the much faster feel of acceleration from the 4.10's is a wash becuase each gear is going to wind out faster.

    Then I tell myself that the way our engines make their power is demanding of shorter gearing for optimum acceleration, that I have a high enough redline so that the shortness of the 4.10's gears actually improve et's and not just "seat of the pants" feel. This would mean a significant improvement in 0-60/1/4th ET's, especially when you need the shorter gearing the most (3-5th gears)

    Right now, i'm thinking the biggest improvement the 4.10's will give me is in passing power, where I will not only feel the difference, but shave some tangable time off of acceleration.

    I hope i'm not p!ssing anyone off with my "back and forth" type blabbing, i'm just trying to understand the benefits of gearing to it's fullest. :flag:

  19. Yep, the gears will make you need to shift much quicker than stock gearing but, it also takes at least .2 off of your ET with good driving. First and second gear go by real quick when under WOT, but third through fifth are still very managable. A Good way to compensate for the quick shifts is to look into a Short Throw; a Steeda, Pro 5.0, or even B&M. You will get to 100 mph a lot quicker with 4.10's and higher than you would with stock gearing, thats for sure.
  20. What gear ratio would you recommend for someone who does a fair amount of highway driving and does monthly Autocross events with an 01 Cobra?