After Market Muffler Sound

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  1. Im replacing only the mufflers because im a cheap bastard right now. PLEASE TELL ME WHAT IS LOUD AS F as far as mufflers go. Im looking at SLP and Flowmaster 40 series im very open to ideas. Will I even notice a lot of sound change? 01 svt cobra.
  2. Sounds nice but I can get a good sound like that with only Aftermarket mufflers? With leaving the cats on and everything else? your sounds pretty nice I could deal with that.
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  4. Youtube is your friend. And if youre looking for loud, find something with tone.. dont just go loud cause that sounds like sh!t :nonono:

    Bassani makes loud with a good tone to it. Only issue is bassani is pricey.
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  5. O/R midpipe + Stingers = :drool::drool::drool:
  6. SLP LM1s are the loudest that I'm aware of.

    Coincidentally, they also sound just like ass cheeks slapping together, and I normally turn away in disgust and shame when I hear a Mustang with them.
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  7. Beware the Flowmasters. You like them at first. They scream with an offroad midpipe. But after a little while you will want to replace them. You start getting tired of the constant drone. I get headaches sometimes if I hang around highway speeds for a long period of time. Just my .02.
  8. They don't drone bad at all with a Prochamber. I'll agree with an H or X, though.
  9. Flow masters drone out to me. Seems like idle to 2000rpm they are ok but then they never get louder but they get a mellow tone. My brother and my dad have flow masters that were on when the cars were bought and I don't like them as well as my brother. My dad says he doesn't want any louder than that.
  10. I really enjoy the sound of my SLP Loudmouth 1's despite the "ass cheeks slapping together" comment from earlier. I'm running the SLP catback system w the stock exhaust manifolds and the stock catted H pipe. It screams at full throttle but is pretty mild in my opinion when cruising around, I don't get any drone on the highway, and conversations in the car are had w ease. Now if you pair these mufflers up w a catless H/X pipe you will get some ass cheek slapping sounds going on. I've always felt that despite the restrictive nature of a catalytic converter it helps to smooth out some of the raspy nature of aftermarket exhaust systems. Before the SLP catback I was running a Flowmaster 40 series system and I just felt it sounded way too tinny and hollow for my taste. The Flowmasters sound much better on old school muscle cars like my 66 Mustang IMO.
  11. I had Flowmasters on my '90 (I understand that was a 5.0 not a 4.6) and liked them at first but as Mattstang04 said, after a while they wear you out. The Steeda exhaust I have now is made by Borla I believe and I absolutely LOVE it. I tried the "just the mufflers" route before, I would honestly just wait and save a little more to get the cat back and /or mid pipe you really want. I would say you'll be happier in the long run. Just my .02.