Air Bag Control Module Removal

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  1. I have recently removed both my air bags since I plan on basically only racing the car and will use it a very limited amount on the street. My question is I know ther has to be more to the air bag system than just the 2 bags. I know there are 2 sensors in the front the bumper and 1 in the rear, I am keeping them in for know. I also know there is a control module but I dont know were it is and if i remove it will it disable the computer in the car.

    Does anyone know if the control module can be removed with no problems and were is it located in the car.

  2. The Supplemental Restraint System contains two sensors which are integral to the Restraint Control Module. There are no additional sensors. The RCM is mounted on the center tunnel under the instrument panel (in front of the shifter).

    One thing I know is that my car wouldn't start without the driver side airbag in position. Removing the RCM and airbags will definitely require some modifications to the EEC.

    Good luck :nice:
  3. I already have my air bags out of the car and it runs fine, no changes to the ECM.

    Thansk for the help
  4. You can take out the fuse if you want... My friend did that in his civic... I think a light will come on though...
  5. My light is already on becuase both bags are gone, that doesnt bother me though.
  6. Are there only 3 Sensors?

    I recently bought a 95 GT that my buddy wrecked, and did some cosmetic work on it, but the airbags were blown, and he has a 95 parts car with airbags that match my interior, and i was just wondering if there were only 3 sensors, 2 in the front bumper and one in the back, or if there are more, or anything else i would need to replace before i plug the new bags in so they dont blow up in my face.

  7. Both Front air bags deployed

    how many sensors are in a 2001
  8. The module your referring to is the Airbag Diagnostic Monitor. The ADM is a blue box .... it is located under the radio and behind the shifter. It's a biotch to get to.