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  1. I just bought a Dr. Gas x-pipe. As some of you might know, it doesn't come with a pipe to hook up the air pump. What should I do? Bypass the air pump with a short belt and crimp the pipe? Or just remove the entire air pump system all together? I wouldn't mind just taking it all off for weight savings and to clean up the engine compartment. Is there anything you have to plug on the engine side after removing the air pump? You can remove the air pump and keep the EGR system right?

    Also, for those of you running DR Gas X pipes, what mufflers are you running and how does it sound?


  2. I just took mine off last week. I bought a smog pump elimiater so i could use the stock belt. And took all of the smog pump and tubing out. There is a pipe kinda below the t/b just put a bypass plug on it thats what i did works great. cleans up the engine bay nice too :nice:
  3. I've read something about having to remove the tubing connected to the back of the heads. Is this true or is that EGR crap?
  4. The only tubing i had to remove was the one going down to the h pipe. that pipe comes up and connects to some black rubber tube. that black tube is connect to a metal pipe that goes around to the back of the engine (i didnt look were it went). un do the black rubber tube that is connected to the one that goes bhind the engine. Put a bypass cap on it on the pipe that goes behind the engine. Then take the smog pump out and the black tube and metal one that ran to the mid pipe.

    Any more questions feel free to ask :nice:

    Black 93 Fox
  5. Well I did enough searching on 3 other sites to last me a lifetime. It sounds pretty easy. If anyone has any questions or wants some part numbers let me know.
  6. what kind of plug is needed exactly. Is it a threaded pipe plug? I can't remember what the tube looks like exactly.
  7. Its just a rubber plug that fits over the end of the metal tube i cant rember what size it is. You can get one at napa or schucks just ask for a bypass plug. Its not that hard to get it out maybe 15mins if that.
  8. Well, if you want to plug the holes in the heads instead of capping off the hose.... Use 5/8"-11 bolts about 3/4" long. Or use Ford part #F4ZZ-6E086-A.