Airbag Backup Battery Ground Wire Termination Point

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by FoMoCo17, May 23, 2014.

  1. Been going through my airbag system checking things before installing a new diagnostic monitor. Went to for the diagram. Anyway, the backup battery harness contains a ground wire though the diagram just shows a ground symbol (which I thought was a case ground) but doesn't show where this ground wire goes to... anyone know where the black wire in the backup power supply terminates so that I can check its connection? I checked it against battery ground and was getting a little resistance where their should be none and dont want to try finding it under the dash n messing with the harness if it comes out somewhere and I came ohm it out that way.
  2. If I am not mistaken the ground for that is inside the unit itself, in the diagnostic proceedure for the system it will tell you which terminals to test.
  3. good point ... it could be but is not then case grounded ... I do know that from the setup. So all I really see is a ground wire leaving the unit and going into the harness then oblivion somewhere. Didn't know if it goes back to the diagnostic monitor or to a ground lug back to the battery. thus, I want to check the ground end to end ... just do not know where the other end goes. Was getting some erronious readings and want to troubleshoot this wire further to eliminate it and also to insure its voltage to the diagnostic monitor is the same as regular battery voltage. Pin 13 and 14 both should have close to the same voltage as measured back on the diagnostic monitor. I checked the diagrams and everything at n this ground isn't shown other than the symbol which I typically interpret as a case ground ... but they do not show the wire that is there going anywhere ... but it does go back into the harness with the power N backup power wire. Any help would be appreciated ...