Am I doing this right??

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  1. Hey everybody I just recently washed, polished and waxed my GT last week and man it looked great right after I did it. The thing thats bugging me is that I went to a car show last night from a week ago when I did the full detail job *I only washed the car only before I went to the show last night* and when it was under a light at the parking lot I could see some scratches on the roof that were like they had been drawn on there.. I dont know if that description helps:shrug:.. I guess what Im trying to say is that these scratches only show up when teh car is parked in the garage or when its under a parking light at the parking lots...
    Basically I wanted to ask if Im just using crappy products or am I doing something wrong when I detail my car? Im no expert about detailing but I do want to learn what is the right way and what products will give me the results Im looking for..

    The products that I use are

    Soap: Eagle One Nanowash&Wax

    Polish: Meguairs Ultimate Polish Pre-Waxing Glaze

    Wax- Meguairs Deep Crystal Carnuaba Wax

    I did clay bar the car once but that was back in February when I did that and it too was a Meguairs product....

    Basically I usually wash the car once over with the 2 bucket step, then I dry it off, used the polish over the car once, then I applied one coat of the wax on the car.. Am I doing this right or am I doing something wrong when I wash my car?

    Here is a picture of it that night after I detailed it about 2 weeks ago..