And how would you like that...?

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  1. I want a GT most likley depening on what else they make. I might like a saleen.
    Black, Sonic Blue or mabie somthing else
    Black or charcol grey int. Prefably leather But dosent have to be, I can always do custom leather wither heated seats.
    5speed manual
    Power everything
    Moonroof would be nice too if they made one.

    Thats all I care aobut, eveything else can be changed.
    Id most likley put a GT500 style hood on, lower it and im not sure what kinds rims with some nice fat tires in the back.
    Performance mods too of coure....prefably some kinda power adder
  2. That Black one for me pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease :D
  3. 08 or 09 Cobra
  4. (until a SVT version comes out)

    2005 Mustang GT

    Black with BLACK interior (with silver accents)

    5 speed manual

    cheapest wheels they have
    (put the money on a set of 18" Wheel Vintiques Magnum 500 wheels or some 18" black BULLITT wheels)

    (anyone else worried about the offset of factory wheels? doesn't look like we'll be able to run a FAT tire in the rear without it sticking WAY out)

    Shaker 1000 audio system (with MP3)

    no spoiler

    a hood similar to the '68 with the dual reverse scoops (kind of like an '03 Cobra)

    at least for now.........
  5. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Should have put love machine on the quarter windows and maybe a mural of Jimi Hendrix.

    Nothing personal Zstanger, just playin.I'll take my 05 in black if they throw in someone to wash it for me every time the wind blows.Has anyone seen a picture of the convertible?
  6. The naked lady tail light covers make the ensemble. :lol: :lol:
  7. I'm with you on most of this. The IRS will probably have to wait for some post Cobra intermediate model.

    Heated seats would be nice as they're relatively cheap and light, cooled however is getting to be a bit much, as is the dual climate system.

    Supposedly the shifter is a lot better than the current car, though I'd rather see it stirring six gears.

    Pirelli tires can be just fine as numerous Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Maseratis, etc have fared quite well on them over the years.

    I'd probably leave the hood scoops and ducktail off unless there were VERY tastefully done and FUNCTIONAL -- I'm all about a clean, refined, understated look, not the typical trailer-trash, gone wild with the J.C. Whitney catalog, circus come to town look far too many Mustangs sink to.

    As for colors, I wish they offered a Highland green with perhaps a tan interior, but either the Burgundy with said tan interior or perhaps the silver, which really emphasizes the "machined" look of the flanks with that red interior package would be nice too.

    IRS is a must have, maybe in '06. I have zero interest in the drag strip and mere 13 second driving pleasures. Rather, I want a wide-spectrum performance car that thrives on real world roads doing real world driving, not a narrow-minded one trick pony that gets all flubbed up at the first hint of a less than perfect corner. Sort of a poor man's BMW with American V8 punch and rumble at 2/3s the price. The new Mustang's actually pretty danged close to that now, with the biggest weakness being that farm-truck axle out back.
  8. From the dealership?

    I'd go with a GT convertible with a 5-speed. Make it '96 Bright Tangerine (like they'd offer that color) with a light gray or neutral interior. I absolutely can't stand dark charcoal or black any longer (yawn!). Order the high end stereo with Sirius and get the chrome 18" wheels.

    After the purchase?

    Drop it, 18" Wheel Vintiques Magnum 500 replicas and a healthy sounding exhaust. Maybe an upgraded hood if it is tasteful (something that resembles what was on the 2005 concept from last year).
  9. Why on earth would you settle for a 5-speed manual???? After driving one for several years, I can tell you 6 speed is the ONLY way to go. If you are not familiar: the 6th gear is a second overdrive that slows the motor WAY down at highway cruising speed (you never use it below 60 MPH). You gotta have a lot of torque, so maybe the 4.6 isn't strong enough, but let me tell you: I love my 6-speed. At 75-80 MPH, my engine is loafing at less than 2000 RMP. Sipping gas and holding all kinds of power in reserve, if you want to go faster (at 85+, the RamAir starts to be felt). It has NO effect in lower gears, doesn't change anything about low end performance or city driving. But it sure reduces wear on the engine!!

    The only time you would not want one is if you drive only in small towns with no expressways. If you ever drive in the country, on expressways or on Interstates, 6 is the way to go. C'mon Ford, give us a 6-speed!!!
  10. Because this is the really real world. And Ford is not offering a 6 speed in the mustang gt yet. Which is what this thread is about. I asked about the intent of this thread. The response was from the dealer. How would you want the mustang. A 6 speed is an aftermarket product for now. Unless you upgrade to a cobra.
  11. You want a GT350H too heh?
  12. Someone did a photoshop of the FR500 wheels on the '05 not too long ago. Look in the "photoshop request" thread.
  13. Will do, Tyler. :nice:
  14. - GT package
    - SOLID REAR AXLE (cheaper!!!)
    - 1000w Audiophile stereo thing
    - Grey leather interior
    - The wheels on the red car shown at NAIAS

    BTW, I WILL be buying this. Great 21st birthday present to myself huh?
  15. I bought my 01 convertible GT for my 21st birthday.Happy b-day to me.
    I guess the 05 will be my Labor Day present or something.My dad bought a 01 Cobra a few months later .He noticed it was #281 , but I had to point out that it was built on my birthday.
  16. :nice:

    I can't wait to get the car. I'm sick of driving a slow, old 4 banger.
  17. gt v8 coupe
    true blue,black, laser red, grey with white stripes, or red with white stripes (wishing for that) any of those colors I would be happy with

    If I got a true blue, interior would be black with blue accents (with blue backlite gauges)
    If I got black, interior all black with silver accents (red gauges)
    If I got any red color or the grey with racing stripes, I would go with the black/red interior (red backlite gauges)

    Straight pipes, performance shifter, cowl hood, those v6 wheels, a set of hood pins, and the 1000 watt sterio system......just to get me started :p

    I really hope they come out with the lx version of the v8, than I would just get that with the deluxe interior setup.

    I cant wait till I get one of these, its gonna be a big difference from my 1989 dodge miniram pickup 4 banger :bang: