Another day, Another GREEDY dealership.

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  1. GT 500 price

    High gas prices, competition from Mopar and GM, not to mention that Ford's earnings are dropping like a rock make it likely that the price for the Shelby will come into line. Be patient.
  2. Sorry to hear that!!! I went through the same thing!! My name was # 1 on the list at MSRP Feb 05'. Dealer gave me constant updates and I was reassured over and over it would be MSRP... well the day comes to actually order it... they tell me $15k over.. no less. I said F- off!!!!
    Hang in there the price will come down. The Z06's were $10-25k over... now if you look hard enough you can find them at MSRP.
  3. I'm not familiar with New Jersey law, but I bet there's a consumer protection statute (called Deceptive Trade Practices Acts in some states). This statute might be applicable in your case (see an attorney near you) -- what gives statutes like this teeth is three times damages can be awarded -- that hurts!

    Also, most plaintiff's attorneys do not charge for a consultation, and you might get an attorney interested if you can find more people that have been shafted -- the threat of a class action lawsuit usually gets defendants' attention.

    Of course none of this is to be construed as legal advice, nor am I stating you or anyone else in this situation in fact has a valid claim under your state's consumer protection statute.:flag:
  4. If I had a law license in NJ as opposed to MI, I'd write a letter for free, provided that you give me a long ride in it.
  5. I'd like to see some of the writings people are being given when they made their deposits. I wouldn't just stop with a breach of contract action, assuming a valid, enforceable contract was made. I'd look for remedies under the applicable consumer protection statute; if the dealerships in question are refusing to honor the original agreement yet tell the consumer something like, "we'll make you a great deal on a GT," that's a bait-and-switch.

    If I were drafting the petition (or complaint), I'd allege the defendant seller(s) knowingly made the original "deals" with the intent to get the customer into a GT -- all the time knowing the customers are forgoing other opportunities for GT 500s because they think they already have one coming to them. Get enough shafted customers together, and there's probably an ambulance-chaser or two that would be interested.:D

    Disclaimer: nothing stated in my post is to encourage frivolous or bad-faith litigation; I'd just like to see people stand up for their rights and perhaps get some money for their trouble (to put toward a GT 500 when the price drops). I bet if the GT 500s weren't bringing in the outrageous market adjustments, and the dealerships in question had some left over, then they'd be trying to enforce the buyer's commitment to pay X amount over MSRP -- "we had a deal, Mr./Mrs. Buyer.":SNSign: