Another Fox To The Gang

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  1. Hey guy/gals,

    I'm new here with my 86 GT, I'm from Alberta (Canada).

    I tried buying this car multiple times off my uncle but always got the "I would feel bad if it broke down on you" response. It got to a point where the car started needing some TLC (still needs some) but he didn't want to deal with it. So in 2004 when he bought a new car he asked if I still had any interest in the car, long story short he tossed me the keys.

    I played with car for a few years lowered it, put some rims on it, exhaust etc. Then I had to make a big move and the end result was selling the fox in 2007 to fund the move. Luckily My father in law bought the car, and he has had it ever since. Just recently I was informed my wife bought it back for me for Valentines day (to cool right?). So need less to say im heading back home hear in a couple weeks to tow it back. In the time he has had it he took the parts I bought before I sold it, to do the 5 lug conversion w/ 13" rotors up front and rear disc brakes.

    I'll leave it at that, its kind of long winded im just excited to get my baby back.

    Here are a few pics from back in the day lol




  2. welcome aboard!