Another new member post

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  1. Just another new member post.
    Thought I would introduce myself and stop just scouring the forums for information and looking around, finally registered, This place is stacked with information on Stangs.
    I'll just get into a little about myself, I am 45 I have a 1994 Mustang GT Convertible presently, previous Mustangs was a 66 Mustang which was in my younger days also had a 88 Cobra I believe that was the year model, I can only remember how much of a blast that car was to drive. The Mustang I have now I purchased wrecked and rebuilt the car's exterior.
    Now I am looking to do some modifications on the motor and suspension. The motor from what I can tell is a semi stock motor with a small cam, I have added a cold air intake, everything else I have done was the basic's such as tune-up oil change just to make sure it runs as needed on a daily basis. I am looking for some more in depth changes such as something to smoke these hot rotten Hondas all these kids around here have, don't get me wrong this mustang runs okay for basically stock mustang but I am considering an engine swap if needed, this is not something I plan to do immediately just in the near future like the end of summer. It would be nice to know what I have to do to get through the summer. I do like a car with allot of snap to it and this place seems to have all the information I need.

    Again thanks for having me here and I look forward to getting to know you all.

    Thanks, an when referring to me call me Ray please, had to sign up under a name I am not used to using.:nonono:
  2. Welcome, Ray! :)
  3. Welcome to :SNSign:, Ray!! Post up some pics when you can. :nice: