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  1. im sure this question has been posted before, but searched under timing,tps,plugs, ect. problem is involved with a 87 2.3. timing is set to factory at 10 btc with the fuse plug out. ok, starts up quick idles initially at 1400, then drops to 1100 and stays steady. take off with a good start, drive for about 10 mi then when i go to take off in 1st it bogs down for like 3 seconds(like its tired) then picks up and hauls a**. yesterday it started showing its a** a little more. need some feedback on what it could be. should i bump the timing up 4 deg.? tps not adjusted properly?. pretty sad when a '67 inline 6 "stang" is becoming more dependable than my 2.3 j/k
    thanks for any tips in advance. i do have the 2.3 tech mainpage bookmarked from someone on these boards for the timing, tps, ect.
  2. a little more information would be helpful, is it an auto or a stick? If its a stick, what rpm are you dumping the cutch at? have u tried putting the motor under a heavy load...say going uphill in mid-high gear? when was the last tune up, with plugs/wires? if your staying at 1100 rpm idle, that seems like a little exstreme over the stock 7-800. try to give as much information about the problem as possible :nice:

  3. i have a t-5, and im dumping the clutch at 3000 +/- and thats on a straight highway. going uphill, and sidestepping the cluth to a higher gear it will still bog down for about 3 seconds then pickup and go,and i just know from reading a tech page for iac adjustment it says at the end of adjustment, it should smooth out and idle at 1000 rpms . last tune up was 3 weeks ago. new plugs and wires.i also need to check the fuel filter, i have never checked it when i bought the car. thanks for your input
  4. Definitely timing. My car used to do the same thing, and it turned out my timing belt was off bigtime.

  5. yea, my notch is off a tooth but adjusted it through the distributor, then set the timing , i guess ill have to take the belt off, line the notches up, rotate the dist.back to where it was at, find tdc, then re-time it. any suggestions on what i should set the timing at? i have it at 10 deg. btdc. thanks
  6. I would get a new timing belt, because if the belt is worn out, it won't hold the timing for too long.

  7. yep, planned on that when i get the fuel filter. parts house here is open 24/7 (new policy) so ill go about midnight. any idea what to set the timing at? should i stay with stock (10 deg.) or bump it to 12-14? thanks
  8. A 24 Hour parts store !!!! Kick freaking asss... I wish I had one around here....
  9. No kidding! Where do you live? I'm in LA and there isn't one of those!!!???

  10. south carolina, only 1 auto zone though
  11. When you set the timing, set it at the stock configuration.