Electrical Another Won't Start Thread.

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  1. My car isn't starting, it did a few times today (after I had gotten it back from the transmission shop when it was getting overhauled), but it wasn't clicking. I could turn the key forward or backwards and the electronics would turn on, radio and on, I could even see the radiator fan switch on and start to spin.

    What's doing is not clicking ,there's no spark sound or anything of the sort. What I've had done is that happened today was get it back from the transmission shop, repaired and crimped the ground wire I've shown in a previous thread (It did fix my gauges and lighting issues by the way!). But now it isn't click or sparking is my guess.
    This happened once during the day and eventually I got it start, I tried turning the wheel, locking and unlocking it, and finally it started. Then it later that day didn't start again and now it's sitting.
    Also I changed the rotor cap a few months ago

    The clearest description would be that the car isn't turning over at all.

    Troubleshoot? ideas? Thanks guys, Jordan.
  2. If the car is not turning over at all, a good place to start troubleshooting is the starter. Make sure all connections are tight at the starter and solenoid. Make sure your battery connections are tight as well.
  3. Alright it wasn't the starter, we had used a multimeter to check it and when we used the multimeter we used it to ground it out and it started up. So we took it to the transmission shop and said that the 'neutral safety switch' or something of that was lose and that they fixed it but if the problem continues then ill have to get it replaced. Can't really remember what the thing was called, but the car works now and I guess that's what's important.

    So quickly fixed, thanks for the fast response though 94blackcobra!
  4. TRS? Transmission Range Selector perhaps.
  5. It was apparently a sensor that sensed if it were in park or neutral to know if the car was 'safe' to start. The sensor wasn't accurately sensing at the time so it wasn't allowing the car to spark or start. Like trying to turn the key when the shifter is in drive or reverse basiclly.

    It's a misc thing that the transmission guys didn't get quite right is all.

    Looked up what you said toyman, TRS is exactly what I'm referring to.
  6. If you have an AODE transmission, the neutral safety switch is also called the MLPS = Manual Lever Position Sensor. The original sensor's didn't have a good water seal and would tend to corrode over time. The newer ones have an orange gasket between the two parts, like you can see in this picture:


    It's relatively easy to replace if you have the car up on jack stands. The bolts should be 8mm, and it's tight in there so I hope you have small hands. When you put in the new mlps, don't tighten the bolts just yet. Put the car in neutral, then turn the mlps until the two raised lines line up. There's slots in the bolt holes to allow you to do this. Here's an image I found that illustrates what I mean:

  7. I never know where you find all these welly illustrated pictures but thanks, right now, since the adjustment its been starting up. but if, and when the problem arises again ill have the gasket and this thread ready for the change, thanks Matt!
  8. No problem. Posts are also good for folks searching the forums, and Google indexes the forums as well, so it's doubly good to be as complete as possible. Your post could help a dozen or more Mustang owners fix the same issue. I found both images via Google searches. I was looking up photos of the sensor, trying to remember what it thought it was called (which was MLPS). Once I found the name, I just searched for "mlps mustang install" and eventually found the two images.