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  1. Ordered my Baby Boss a little more than a week ago. Black/black, track package (manual, Brembos, 3.73s Torsen, suspension and cooling).

    It's been 21 years since I traded my old turbo Capri, and the practicalites of family life have been eating me alive since then. The days of practicing heal-toe, trail braking, and RPM matching in a Ranger pickup waiting for "some day" are no more. How did I end up driving pickups for so long? Not sure if I've truly gotten to the "can afford it now" part of my life, but I've definitely gotten to the "can't wait any longer part". :)

    I haven't shifted gears but once in the last 10 years. I'm expecting that I pick it back up by like riding a bicycle. :) The plan is for a daily driver and light mods only (lowered, exhaust, cold air intake). I'll do a few semi-competive events to stretch her legs, (drag, track days, auto-x). It should give me the chance to have some competitive tastes before, I figure what happens long term.
  2. nice! I havent NOT shifted gears ever. Youll be so happy once it arrives!
  3. Congrats! I am certain it will be worth the wait. I think the new Boss looks amazing and is an incredible car. How long will the wait be?
  4. Hoof, Not a boss, just a baby version ( GT with track package and Recaros). 6 weeks is what they told me.

    Mad speed, rowed my own for nearly 20 years, so it should come back reasonably quick
  5. I was told 6-8 weeks on my GT and it came in 7 (placed order in August). Not sure how much Sandy is affecting things, and whether they've decreased production at Flat Rock due to winter. Once you get your VIN, the FoMoCo rep here is very helpful in tracking the progress of your car.
  6. Thanks Shabz
  7. Sounds awesome! Now for the patience.

    (I thought it was a Boss at first, too, and was going to suggest that you didn't lower it, because the suspension in a Boss is so good from the factory.)
  8. My order got kicked out. No track package orders, no Brembo orders. ARRGH!!!
  9. what? that blows arse
  10. well chizz, hopefully you can get something worked out. Have you looked at any of the surrounding ford dealers to see if they may have something similar in stock that you're looking for :shrug: Roadtrip is never a bad idea.
  11. I'd be up for that if I could find it. It seems like the dealers (if not Ford too) is all about trying to push customers up the option scale. Not something I want when it detracts from the driving experience AND costs significant coin. I had been look at dealer inventories for a long time, and my intended dealer did the a 300 mile sweep. Other that a GH Green car on display at the State Fair, I haven't been able to physically locate one here (DFW).

    My wife drives a very solid 3yr old RAV4 because of the difficulty with the area Ford dealers. Same story there, maybe 1 base Escape for 30-50 premium models so they expected tip top dollar on the 1 base unit. Once upon a time, we turned a $20K base Windstar into a $32K premium vehicle and really did not enjoy the benefits as much as we fought glitches. NEVER again will I make that mistake. It was easily the worst value I've ever had.
  12. Yep when a ford dealer thinks there stuff don't stink it can be a problem. I traveled almost 400 miles when I bought mine because the local dealers around Panama city, fl didn't want to work so I traveled south around the orlando area to pick one up.
  13. If my order got kicked out, I'd go buy a Challenger and do a burnout in their lot.
  14. I was thinking along those same lines.
  15. Definitely a consideration. :(
  16. I don't understand, how can it get "kicked out"?
  17. Not 100% sure. I never got an order confirmation, nor VIN, no build date.

    Nearly 3 weeks after my order with the dealer I get an email listing off the 2013 order limitations:

    I wanted to let you know that we received some bad news from Ford in relation to the order you put in with us on the 2013 Mustang GT. We were told by our Ford representitive today that the factory can not complete the order you had requested for the 2013 model year. I do not have the exact reason on why but I just know that the factory kicked the order. The factory will build a different Mustang for you but I doubt it will have the requested equipment you wanted available. I have supplied a list below of how Ford is finishing their production on the 2013 Mustang. This is a list of what can and can't be added.
    ***IMPORTANT: Orders MUST follow the equipment guidelines listed below!***

    ·MUST BE a V8 with a Manual Transmission (P8C with 44X)
    ·MUST BE Equipment Group 400A or 401A
    ·MUST be equipped with the 3.31 Limited Rear Slip axle
    ·50% of the orders can have 19” Bright Machined Aluminum Wheel with Black Painted Windows (64X)
    ·50% of the orders can have 19” Premium Painted Luster Nickel Aluminum Wheels (64V)
    ·Can have Comfort Package (53B)
    ·Can have Electronics Package (58N)
    ·Can have Reverse Sensing (43S)
    EQUIPMENT the Orders Can NOT Have:
    ·No California Special – Equipment Group 402A
    ·No Recaro Leather Sport Seats (88S)
    ·No Brembo Brake Package (55D)
    ·No GT’s (P8C) with Limited Slip axles (455 or 457or 458 included in 55R package)
    ·No GT Track Package (55R)
    ·No 18” Polished Alum Wheels (64M)
    ·No Red Candy Metallic Tinted Clearcoat Paint (RZ)
    ·No Performance White Paint (HP)
    ·No Rear Video Camera (77C)
    ·No Glass Roof (59G)
    ·No Shaker Pro Audio System (918)
    ·No Custom Accessories – Pre-Installed – Limited Production Options (941, 944, or 945)
    ·No Racing Stripes (47A)
    ·No Hood & Side Stripes (943)
  18. Why not order it online straight through Ford rather than ordering it through the dealer?
  19. It appears you can order it online still with the options the email above says you can't.

    Screen Shot 2012-12-01 at 11.56.48 AM.png