Any difference in diff covers on other 8.8 equipped vehicles?

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  1. I'm looking to replace my diff cover when I replace the carrier bearings in the Cobra since it's gouged up on the inside (likely from the ring gear impacting it). I don't want to spend over $200 on a girdle for a mostly stock car, and the only standard diff covers any of the usual places sell is chrome-plated. I don't want a flashy, chrome-plated diff cover. I found a replacement made by Dorman that fits a multitude of Ford vehicles. However, the catalog only lists it as fitting trucks and vans. Is there any difference in these diff covers? It's cheap and I'd rather buy this than the chrome version.
  2. I have seen a few different versions.

    I have seen 2 stamped steel versions, one thicker metal, one thinner.
    There are also stamped aluminum covers, I know for sure they came on SN95s, but probably others too.
    Then there are various later cast aluminum covers with drain/fill plugs and cooling fins. Some look like they will bolt right on, and some have bracket bosses that need to be ground off to look decent, and maybe even to fit without hitting a gas tank or sway bar.
  3. They all interchange if that is what you are asking.
    The cover in the link is the heavier F150/E150 cover.
    It just weighs more.
  4. Here's a later Explorer version with the bracket bosses.
    You can shave off the bosses and end up with what is on the left in the bottom pic...
  5. Yeah, all that beating around the bush, I really just want to know if they're interchangeable. Thanks for the info. Rock Auto has the Dorman piece for a mere $14.71, so I think I'll go with that one. I do like the looks of the Explorer one, though.
  6. I read something about a Ford dealer that would sell one of those aluminum ones new for $38 if you told them you were a board member. Regular dealer price in the $60s. You'd have to google it though to find which Ford dealer. Other than that though, you should be fine with the $14 version.
  7. That's something worth searching around for. I'm just trying to be realistic/keep the wife happy by keeping it cheap and refraining from buying expensive things I don't need (yet). Thanks again for the info. :nice: