any official JOB 1 dates??

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  1. any OFFICIAL dates?

    I would like to know when to place my order...

  2. Sometime in March 2004. The first 2005 Mustang cars will be at the dealerships before the April 17th 40th Anniversary date. Yeah Baby!
  3. Wrong, wrong and wrong...

    Coupe: September 7, 2004
    Convertible: February 7, 2005
    Cobra: TBD

    Arriving at dealerships September/October
  4. Why is it that I've heard otherwise. I was told that the 2005 Mustangs will be coming to the dealers by springtime. Why the long wait until September 2004? Is Ford having production problems or retooling problems with their new Mustang plant or what? The dates which you are giving Tyler don't make sense.
  5. *cough* bull**** *cough*

    Order Dates:

    Mustang Coupe - May 17, 2004
    Mustang Conv - May 17, 2004

    JOB1 Dates:

    Mustang Coupe - September 7, 2004
    Mustang Conv - February 5, 2005
  6. Rumor is that the Sept. date may slip.
  7. This is why Stangnet has a search function.

    Type in "dates" into it the last thread is entitled "Job 1 dates" or something to that degree.

    It gets tiresome reading and replying to the same questions over and over. Especially when having to correct bad information that is already here in the forum.

    Use the search function people! That is why it is there. :nonono:
  8. Ford is too slooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow with production.

    Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?

    They must be having trouble with retooling their new Mustang plant. Otherwise, they would be on schedule with the Job1 date of March/April 2004. I cannot think of any other reason why Ford would delay their production dates to the Fall of 2004.

  9. they've been claiming Fall 2004 the entire time...i don't see why this is such a surprise.
  10. This has been common knowledge for nearly a year. They couldn't get it done in time for the 40th anniversary. If they did, why would ther be a 40th anniversary edition SN95?
  11. But what is Ford's REASON for not being able to start production on the 2005 on time? That's what I need to know here. There must be a REASON. Is their new Mustang plant still being built? Are they having retooling problems? What is the real reason behind the date delay?
  12. The point everyone is trying to make is that there is no delay. Production is to start in September around the time that all ofthe 2005 production starts on cars at every company all over the world.

    Also, it is not a new plant.
  13. Think about it this way.

    If you were Ford, would you go around telling the world that the new Mustang wouldn't come out by April 17th, 2004 beacuse you couldn't get the job done? Would you tell everyone that you cannot get the tooling right?

    If Ford came out and told us all that they were having build issues, wouldn't you question whether or not the new car would have quality issues?

    They aren't going to tell us all that they hit a couple of "bumps in the road". That would make the car suspect to recalls and failures. It's bad enough that all of the Mustang related forums are buzzing with rumor and speculation, but in Ford's eyes, they would definitely NOT want those rumors and speculations to be focused on poor build quality and manufacturing delays.
  14. So they ARE having production and quality problems with the new 2005 Mustang. There would be NO OTHER reason why Ford would delay the Job1 date.
  15. You sound a bit like Chicken Little. The sky is not falling. They could have had design issues. The 2005 was being developed when Jacque Nasser was running Ford. When he got booted and Bill Ford took over, the quality of Ford vehicles had slipped to Chrysler standards. Bill is trying to make sure every car comes to the public without any problems.

    2001 Ford Escape was built under Nasser and suffered at least 5 recals. Focus has had numerous recalls, again under Nasser. The 2004 F-150 was introduced while still producing the "Heritage F-150" so there would be less bugs in the truck. This is under Bill Ford. When Bill came to Ford, he stopped all new designs from being offeredt to the public until they could be guaranteed a quality product.

    So The newly designed F-150 was delayed, as well as the Mustang. Remember, the F-150 is Fords money maker in the truck side. The Mustang is the money maker on the car side. If they mess either up, it could end the companies reputation (whats left of it after Nasser). So they want to ensure that does not happen.
  16. Bad quality cars and lots of problems. That's what Ford gets when it hires a CEO to be in charge of Ford who's last name is called Nasser. It's the same thing as handing over the White House and the Presidency to someone with their first or last name being Mohammed. Wrong move.
  17. Guys, that always WAS the date, there is no problem... deal with it.

    Tooling is going on now, and final touches are being made.
    The engines in Essex and Romeo will start to go into production later this year.
    All the parts have to be ready for a car to be sold.

    The rumour of it coming out earlier was in fact a rumour...
    Geese you guys take something you see on a message board and think its bible truth.
    Sept 7th -> JOB1
    Arriving in dealerships FALL2004
  18. So the first verts will be 2006 model year cars?
  19. No, they will be 2005, but they will not be debuting at the same time.
  20. :lol: :lol: