any one have pypes dual exhaust?

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  1. im looking into options to change my dual setup. i dont like the magnaflow magna packs much. i emailed magnaflow and the inlet and outlet on the magnapacks are differant so i can just change mufflers. anways. so ill have to buy a whole new exhaust. so i was wonder if anyone has the pypes kit and how it sounds? i can always spend money later to change out mufflers too.

    on a side note i think its pretty dumb magnaflow has differant inlet and outlets on the magnapacks. so if someone wants to change the muffle they have to get a whole new set up.

  2. I don't have the Pypes duals yet, but have started with a single Pypes Violater. It has a very nice idle and is fairly civil til 3,000 rpm than all hell breaks loose. I really like the sound, I will add the true dual conversion as soon as I get my GT rear valance. I bought from Brenspeed, they had the best price, immediate shipping and he even threw in a 'Blow it out your Pypes" t-shirt.
  3. yeah i was gonna order from they have the dual with xpipe and jba header for 700. not a bad deal at all.
  4. I had Magnaflows and the drone was horrible. I also had a problem with a broken weld on the muffler and they refused to warranty it. I trashed them and went with a JBA H pipe system... I should have done that from the start.

  5. yeah i was thinking of getting the pypes sytem then later down the road if i want switch to jba mufflers.
  6. Hey Mattzts!

    1. DON'T ORDER from
    2. I have the PYPES "True Duals" with "X" pipe & Street Pro mufflers.

    I LOVE 'EM!!


    Here are my vids:

    Under 2500RPM you can't tell its a V6... over 2500 and it gets crazy!

    Take these vids and turn UP the volume.

    Cold idle is 97dB (stock is 64db) That is 106 TIMES LOUDER than stock!

    On the highway it cruises quietly at 65MPH, and gets louder until 85.. then quiets out again.

    Standing on the loud pedal explains where they got that nickname from!

    Best mod I've done yet.

    Had New Edge GT owners ask me if it was a GT...

  7. why not order from rpmoutlet? they just have a great deal, but if im gonna get screwed some how ill spend alittle more.
  8. RPM has a bad reputation for sending the wrong parts and then not correcting the situation.
  9. the JBA system is definately the way to go - they offer an "H" pipe system and a "Y" pipe system as well

    Ive heard bad things about RPM as well throughout the communtiy and from reading various posts in chat forums
  10. Hey mattzts,

    What did you end up doing?

    Or are you still looking?

  11. PYPES Dual exhaust installed on V6

    I ordered the x and mid pipe kit (sfm65) directly from PYPES because the other vendors had the kit on back order. This is the set up that does not include the mufflers so I installed the kit with a set of GT takeoff mufflers.

    Bottomline, the installation looks great and the sound is ok with no resonance. I will probably spring for a new set of mufflers with more growl but for now I am happy with the sound and the small gain in performance from the GT takeoffs.

    The exhaust was the last of the GT takeoffs we had to install so other than the V6 badging the car looks and almost sounds like a GT.


    2005 V-6
  12. Post a pic of the new pipes.

    Did you get the GT mufflers with 3" tips?

    I have seen some come with 2.5" tips and they look small with the giant GT bumper cutout.

    If you want louder mufflers, check out the Street Pros (Pypes) I have.

    There is drone as with any loud mufflers, but it is part of the fun!

  13. yeah im still looking and trying to figure out what to get. i plan on supercharging downt he road. so i have to figure out waht set up would be best for that.
  14. All of them are good for performance.

    It's the SOUND you are buying.

    Loud (Pypes) or soft (GT takeoffs)?

    Do your research and watch lots of videos.

  15. Yep, duals are more for sound and look than performance. On a NA car, duals show no higher gains than a bolt on single muffler. In addition, I dyno tested the Y pipe dual against the X pipe dual on my car NA, and no gains were found.
  16. But nothin' beats them on cruise night!



  17. just got the pypes kit the other day. havent had it installed yet. i dont have monye right now. i have a question tho. i can do the exhaust myself. the only problem is the x pipe since i dont have something to cut the down pipe. will the pypes system connect with the magnaflow duels y pipe? if so i can do that my next day off. then a couple weeks have the x pipe put in.
  18. I also have the PYPES "True Duals" with "X" pipe & Street Pro mufflers. They are awesome!!!Very throaty sound. Wind it up to past 4000 gets a real good racing sound to it.
  19. I, too, have the x pipe with street pros from pypes.

    Only problem I found was during's supposed to be a bolt on system, but my midpipes were too short. Had to custom fab a piece for inbetween.

    Also had to tap the holes on the driver side of the frame for the new hangers as they were not able to be hung as advertised.

    I'm super happy with the sound though. I definitely get some looks coming down the street.

    A lot of drone...but I like it that way. ;)