Anybody Buy A Grille From?

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  1. Has anybody bought a grille from either or caseyscustomz off ebay?? I ordered a grille from almost 14 days ago and have emailed and called the place many times with no reply. :notnice: So I started researching on ebay for grilles and found that caseyscustomz has the same contact phone number as Grilltechs website. Anybody know if this is a scam?? Reading the review on the ebays sales it doesnt sound too good. Some people never got products and some have had major flaws, some even claimed zip ties where sent as install kit. :shrug:
  2. anybody?? haha :shrug:
  3. well thats cheaper then what I got my billit grill for w/ the pony cut out. I got mine from ABC Exclusive for I think $125. Looks like the exact same thing pretty much.

    Considering your delima sometimes paying more is the better route. I came to the conclusion that Im no longer going to buy various parts for the Stang off Ebay or never heard of before companyies. Id rather pay a few extra bucks and know Im dealing w/ a company I can get ahold of. I bought a MAF sample tube off ebay and the guy never let me know when it was shipped so I had no idea when it was going to get here until it did show up, I hate that feeling.
  4. Yea its a bad feeling.. I searched yahoo and people on cardomain and stuff had grills from that site so people actually get theres haha. It wasnt untill I was looking on ebay that i noticed that the contact phone #'s where the same, and that the items sometimes took months to get if they even got it haha. I was actually gonna get my grill from ABC, i was thinking of getting one of there hoods. I like the 96 cobra hood, but im thinking of getting the Cobra SS800 hood because i haven't seen anybody with it. Is there stuff any good??

  5. The guys from ABC are really nice, awesome customer service. The guy that took my order was really nice,we BSed for about 5 mins after he took my order.