Anybody heard about this? Mustang G-Premium for Japan?

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  1. I was taking a quick peak at before I logged off for the night and I spotted these picks.
    When you highlight the pic it says Mustang G-Premium(Japan). Is Ford about to ship the Stang overseas or something? Because all it is is the current SN95 Stang with different wheels and a nice interior. I just found it overall to be a curious sighting and wondered if anybody had info about it.
  2. am I supposed to be seeing more then a tiny mustang in the corner?
  3. Quick & dirty snapshot of the pic:

  4. the wheels are base gt or premium v6. they are the 16 inchers. Nothing new, its what i have on my 2000 v6.
  5. If this car were headed for japan, it would have right hand drive.
  6. Good way to get rid of the old body style maybe?
  7. A few years ago Ford had a Mustang website for Japan so I would assume they were selling them there. It does not look like they are selling them now.

    I think the Mexican Mustangs came with 16" wheels. Maybe that is the standard for export.