Anyone else having problems with lower ball joint wear ?

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  1. Took the 06 GT in for an alignment today. The dealer called and said the mis-alignment is due to worn lower ball joints and it'll cost $500 to replace them along with the lower control arms. SOmething stinks here and it's not my upper lip. Ball joints do not wear out after 42K miles. My 89 Ranger's still working on its original ball joints after a 20 year, 200,000 mile run.
  2. If that's true there's no way I'd put another Ford control arm on my car. Have you ever looked at BMR Fabrication?
  3. Seem em on Summit's site. Also noticed Ford Racing sells an "Improved" lower control arm for these cars. Further reinforces my suspicion that Ford knew there was going to be a problem with these parts.:stirpot: BMR's were $400 a set. Ford Racings were $256. Both cheaper than the $500 the dealer wanted. Probably just use the FR parts and sell the car. Been thinking about getting a truck anyway. Just pisses me off that O.E parts like these wearing out in 4 years when my 20 year old Ranger still has it's original parts.
  4. CJ Pony Parts have the FRPP ones listed in the catalog for $229.95(Same as GT500) if you don't want to spend $400.
  5. There is a TSB for this that is free if you're still under warranty. They will replace the entire lower control arm with a slightly larger ball joint.
  6. TSB 09-24-16
  7. there is a problem with ball joints on the 05-06. friend of mine needs his 2nd set after 50,000 miles. 1st set under warranty this set wont be. funny stuff going on.
  8. Ah ! The plot thickens. :hail2: But mine's out of warantee.:notnice: Spoke to the service manager yesterday, the cost PER arm to replace wasn't $500, it was $598. This is starting to make me question the wisdom of buying another (new)Ford :shrug:
  9. Now question... is there a way to visually inspect the things to see if they are out? How do you do that?
  10. D. Hearne, sorry you're out of warranty, you should look at aftermarket or at least make sure you get the "new" control arm from Ford. I f you have 18" or larger wheels, check out Steedas X5 ball joint.Steeda X5 Ball Joint Kit - '05-'10 Ford Mustang

    I find it strange that Steeda sells a replacement ball joint but Ford wants to replace the whole arm:shrug:, must have something to do with the hydro bushing.
  11. Walter, as far as the TSB goes, yes you can check it yourself. This covers 2005-2009 Mustangs and 2007-2010 Shelby GT 500's built on or before 8/3/2009.

    Symptoms: grunt/creak noise over bumps, rough roads, driveway approaches.
    Diagnosis:Use chassis ears on lower control arm hydro bushing bracket tabs to verify noise is coming from hydro bushing.

    The replacement ball joints are 19mm. (0.75") and have an improved hydro bushing. If your car has 18mm. (0.71") ball joint shafts, you have the old ones. You can use a caliper to check.

    I can post part numbers,etc..., but it best to print out the TSB and take with you to the dealership to ease their reluctance/stupidity over these matters. This TSB is mainly for noise, but I think they realize there is a ball joint problem; why else would they increase the size? Trying to get out of a recall? Hope this helps some of you.
  12. Well my printer is down and I can't print, but thanks for the TSB numbers. I'll spring it on em and see what happens. And the advertising for the BMR arms states they use the stock ball joint, so that makes me question using those as well.
  13. Correct me if I'm wrong but a TSB is an out of pocket expense not a freebie like a recall right? Sorry never had to do any on my previous cars.
  14. Seems to me that Ford has known for some time about abnormal wear here. And as such should do the right thing and replace the parts at no cost. Especially as it's a suspension part we're dealing with. I guess they're going to be dicks about it and wait till someone gets killed and then the families sue. Smart business decision. :rolleyes: Shades of the Explorer fiasco. :stupid:
  15. Walter, no, if you are under warranty, they will fix the problem free. A TSB just lets the idiots know how to do it. If warranty is up, then it's on your dime though.
  16. This is an example of why I have such a hard time buying a new Ford or GM. The little buggy things like this that are just a head ache in the long run. I drive an 07 Tahoe at work and the little things add up quickly. I REALLY want a 2010 mustang, but it is such a low quality car.
  17. Could anyone with this noise describe it? Is it a creak, rattle, bang? Is it intermittant or is it always present? My 08 seems ok, just want to know what to look for if this surfaces.
  18. Mine wasn't making noises. The inner edges of the tires wear wearing though, that's why I sent it in for an alignment.
  19. UPDATE: I contacted Ford thru their corporate website about the problem. Let em know I was not a happy camper. That was Saturday morning. I got a call from the service manager(he lives just down the road from me and we've known each other for 30+) years at my dealership Tuesday afternoon. He informed me that Ford was going to pick up the tab for replacing both lower control arms, doing it thru their "Ownership Loyalty Program" So apparently if you've been a loyal Ford buyer over the years, they will try and keep it that way. I think they should step up and replace parts like this regardless of what your past ownership history is, but whatever....................I got results just by speaking up and putting my foot down, with just taking a few minutes in sending an email.
  20. Same problem with the wife's (yes we're a mixed marriage) 2007 Mustang. Under 50K and left lower ball joint needs immediate replacing and right is not long for this world either. Quoted at $587 PER side plus a follow-up alignment.
    The mechanic said the shop is seeing a lot of failed Ford Mustang balljoints and is replacing about two cars a week. Nice! Ford ought to be ashamed of this.

    Had very little previous luck with the local Koons dealership replacing known defective parts and the "Valued Customer" BS. I think obnoxious is a pre-requisite for dealership service managers now a days. Fine, there are plenty of decent non-dealership mechanics to be found.

    That rant over, can anyone tell me if the ball joint itself can be replaced ($39 at Advance Auto) or must the entire lower control arm go? Moog makes replacements (historically Moog has been a good name) but is this what Ford is using for OEM? No point in replacing defective parts with more defective parts.