Anyone Ever Tried Striaght Rtv (no Gasket) On Timing Cover & Water Pump ?

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  1. I have read and it seems that people have had mixed result with timing cover gasket and water pump gasket. Some people put them on dry and some with little bit RTV and then the gasket. I am not too crazy about the Fel-Pro's blue paper gasket. Fel-Pro makes a really nice timing cover gasket with rubber with steel core for chevy 350. It's a shame that Fel-Pro does not make on for small block Ford. It seems that the original Ford black gasket holds up really well and I would use it over the Fel-Pro blue one.

    Even my T5 tail housing has just RTV!

    Anyone ever tried just straight RTV on the timing cover & water pump?

    The aluminum oil pan on my wife's 2000 Honda Accord V6 was leaking and the dealer repaired it around 2003 with 30,000 miles with Grey RTV. The car has almost 200,000 miles and its still holding.

    If RTV was good enough for oil pan, I would think it might be ok with timing cover & water pump!

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  2. I use the FelPro gassket with blue RTV on both sides. I let it set up on the timing cover first and then coat the outside when ready to put the pump on. The key is the mating surfaces need to be clean and as nick free as possible.
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  3. I use a felpro gasket and the "right stuff" never had a leak, period :D
  4. Soon after I posted this question, the Honda Accord developed rear main seal leak. I replaced the rear main seal myself and it was a pain in the a** to remove front wheel drive automatic. Alternative was $1100 at a dealer.

    Honda indeed uses RTV on the rear main sear cover, the oil pan and the front cover. I thought I was going to break the oil pan and rear cover when I was prying them off. The oil pan had to be removed because the rear cover that holds the o-ring much be installed first and has dowel pins.

    The Hondabond 08718-0004 is some kind of RTV & Adhesive. When I went to get Hondabond, I spoke to a mechanic who told me to press the oil pan after applying the RTV and it will hold the oil pan up which it did while I was getting the bolts. I did some more digging and it turns out a lot of people use this stuff on other than Hondas.
    Since I have this stuff now, I will use it on the 96 Explorer's Timing Cover. This is indeed really good stuff.


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  5. Agreed....Right Stuff is great....PIA to get back off however.

    On race stuff with vacuum pumps I use very few gaskets and just Right Stuff. Works perfect.
  6. yes i have used just rtv on a variety of gasket surfaces, the timing cover, oil pan, thermostat housing, valve covers, all with pretty good success. that said, the best success i have had with sealing gasketed areas is to use a proper gasket with a thin, and i mean thin, coating of rtv on both side of the gasket, and assembling the part straight away with care. i do wait a few hours before adding any fluids though, when i can.