Anyone have a fast V6?

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by Pro-Hawk, Mar 14, 2004.

  1. hey hawk...ic that you have a svo, very very nice man. i started out with a 88 4cyl auto, slowest car around, haha.I was running a 11psi procharger on my 6 but cracked a piston, i think there was something wrong with the rod before the install. Im in the middle of a forged build up with a aggressive cam. Im probably going to get my heads and intakes ported while there out. The guy you was talking about with the modded v6 is pretty much my situation. I couldnt get a v8 because of parents (i would have to pay my own insurance and car payments while paying for college all at the same time). Right now i have a very good job that pays alot while im in college and every penny goes into my car now that i didnt get a v8. Im hoping to be into the 12's when everything is said and done. Hopefully one day my car will be in a mag just like that kid.
    PS:if u wanna see what the system looks like check out my website in the sig

  2. Nice ride dude :nice: I started out on a 93' 2.3l LX w/A4LD talking about slow, its a hair faster than your 88' Auto by 1/10 of a sec lol I still got it and I'm thinking of droping in a 2.5 out of a ranger just to see how fair I can go with a N/A car :shrug:

    My SVO is so awsome not to brag but they are a lot of fun ( when its running right lol) Its got a half dozen small issues that I'm going to park it and tear it apart. I mean its a domino effect I got a leack injector so I may as well install my big injectors since the intakes will be off might as well up grade to the new better intakes blah blah then my ported head b blah LOL.

    As for school put it first don't be like me I started working and hunting down parts for this car and got behind in college :( Now when summer gets here its on with me and the SVO and every ricer better watch out and every V8 better ask him self this, " is there a Replacement for Displacement?" lol

    Here is a link to my cars (etc the new Tahoe I just got it and haven't had time to post stuff on it yet)

  3. I got a 86 tubro coupe with a 5spd and was going to swap it over till my grents said they would help me buy my 99 6cyl if i didnt do it. One of these days ill own a tubro 4,cant wait....actually i sould my motor to crozax.

  4. I knew that looked funny, would be nice to know what your car is really pushing with those mods
  5. Hopefully ill be lil faster now just bought a 3k converter