Anyone Have Gauges Installed In Empty Space Near Radio?

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  1. I'm looking for a set of gauges that can be installed in the empty spot by the stereo, any one have something like that? I'd like to find a set of oil pressure, temp, and I guess volts that will just slide in the empty space that I wouldn't have to fab up. Does anyone know anything of the sort? Maybe something like this but I don't know the dimensions of the piece that they are mounted to. Like previously stated I'd like something I could just "slide in and go" if at all possible. Another question I have is, is there much involved in wiring them up?


  2. Oh hey. I talked to a local shop here and he said he has an exclusive supply of some really cool stuff like this. He even said he has a gauge bezel that mounts in the pocket under the radio. I will get you the info on it when I talk to him again. He showed me a switch panel he sells for the Challenger that mounts in the shifter bezel. It was really sweet. I will try to send you some pics as soon as I can.
  3. Oh wow. Thanks for the link Kurt. I remember those guys were just introducing their Fox body cluster replacement when I first saw them. Looks like they have expanded their offering. Pretty cool.
  4. This is my custom switch and gauge combination. I used a blank panel from Florida 5.0, and put my own stuff in. I know it's more money to buy the gauges seperately, but you get much better quality gauges that are more readable and more accurate, and therefore more effective. Autometer and VDO are about the same quality. The VDOs are less flashy, that's al.


  5. Thanks man, lemme know what you find out about from the local shop as far as pricing goes. It'd be pretty cool if they sold one with gauges already loaded. And thanks Kurt as well, I might go the florida 5.0 route if I have to. You're right it is quite a bit pricier than the lil guy I was looking at but it wont fit it's not long enough (that's what she said)
  6. PS: $207 for an autometer fuel pressure gauges... sheesh I'll pass
  7. Hey, that's what a fuel pressure gauge costs. I run a mechanical fuel pressure gauge, and it doesn't save much money. By the time you buy all that AN line, fittings, and bulkhead mounts for it, it ends up costing almost as much as the electric. If you want a good deal on gauges, just hang around on ebay, and they pop up for a good price. I just let an electric oil pressure gauge I wasn't using go for $26 with free shipping.

  8. are electric cruddy?
  9. I thought the mechanical had to be installed outside the cabin. The electrical ones were developed to mount inside the cabin using a sending unit. I know I have seen mechanical gauges mounted inside the car, but it is frowned on at the track.
  10. You're supposed to run an isolator when you run it inside the car. Everytime they make an isolator, it gets recalled before I have the chance to buy it. So I have a mechanical inside the car. I know, I'm a bad person. That's one of the reasons I endorse the electrical.

  11. I've actually seen a couple people move the radio to the lower position with a 3 guage pod just above the radio is this some thing that's just bolts right in?
  12. Guess what I was asking is are the electrical as accurate as the mechanical or any more accurate than factory gauges?
  13. Autometers are more accurate than factory gauges. Mechanical or electrical.

  14. Yes, they are just as accurate, but not as reliable and that is why I prefer mechanicals. That is one of the reasons the fuel pressure gauge is so expensive. Fuel pressure readings are crucial especially for blown or nitrous applications. It takes a lot of R&D as well as electronics to make that fuel pressure gauge absolutely accurate when the charging system voltage varies a lot.

  15. I looked at some pics of the gauge pod that is mounted where the clock is and well it's a little absurd I think, too big of a hump sticking up on the dash. Maybe it'd be ok since my clock isn't working anymore anyway but I'm just not sure on it
  16. I don't think it looks that great either. However, if I needed a few more gauges, I would do it.

  17. Autometer clock and fuel pressure gauge would be cool in the dash pod. I like my clock there though.