Anyone in MD

Discussion in 'Regional Forums and Event Information' started by sweetsilver, Jun 1, 2004.

  1. im in bethesda
  2. I am in Linthicum by BWI. Car isn't running right now but I am up for getting together.
  3. Live in Southern Anne Arundel Near Deale, but I am up for any get togethers, just about done getting the stang on the road. Also Iam around the Glen Burnie area alot as well.
  4. Parkville here, I'm up for hanging out, does not seem like the b-more, harford county stang crowd get together much :shrug:

  5. Im in Glen Burnie right by BWI Airport
  6. I think I've seen you around. Do you drive on Andover Rd. a lot? If so I live on it at the house with the white garage. Stop by some time.
  7. Yea thats me. In the zinc yellow mustang. I drive down Andover a lot because my dad lives on Fairmount and I just moved out of his house. He has a blue 91 gt convertible sittin in the driveway.
  8. hi guys. cape st. claire/annapolis here. i'm up for some car meets...let me know.
  9. pg county here
  10. sweetsilver why dont you post on Racersden anymore? (this is jen-jens gt on there)
  11. Cape?? I went to Broadneck...I live three miles away. What's your car look like?