Anyone Looking For A Ford Gt Drivetrain?

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  1. Hell of an engine but unless you somehow mount that into a Pantera, there isn't much use for the trans unless you have some other mid engine car.
  2. @RacEoHolic330


    Cease all activity, scrap what you got, and do a mid-engine swap! :D
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  3. I bet Mad Mike could make that sucker work in his Futura.
  4. That's exactly where my mind went. Hah.
  5. There's a bunch of kit racers I bet you could get it into.

  6. Hmm... a mid-engine SN95. That would be soo cool.
  7. Just think...if I save 5k a year..I could buy that and...never mind it won't fit. :fuss: Sure would be the cats ass though

  8. LOL... I was thinking a Fox hatch.

    Have the glass separator behind the rear seats, the trunk in the front.

    Hell... Think of all the dead hookers you could store in the engine bay!
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  9. Ha, laugh,..I just bought it.

  10. Liar. :fuss:
  11. I'll admit that I clicked the link to see. There was enough conviction in his post to prod me into it.
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  12. It would be a pretty sweet Pantera swap engine, now I just need then engine.... and a Pantera
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  13. Oh hell yeah! :nice:
  14. Mike would be the only crazy man to try to figure out a way to put a mid-engine drivetrain in a Mustang. There is a lot of unused space in the back of a hatchback when the rear seats are gone though :chin
  15. wonder if i could stuff that into my old MR2?
  16. Light bulb! I'll put that in my 01 Escape and have a RWD Ford GT powered Escape! :burnout:
  17. I feel bad for the guy who lost his engine at 5,9xx miles in his Ford GT

    Nick C.