Anyone need a CarFax report?

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  1. Just post the VIN # and I will do a free CarFax for you. This is good until August 16, 2006.


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  2. i'll send you one ASAP!
  3. JF1GD70645L519841
  4. Sent.

  5. Thanks. Just as I suspected. Came back clean, but there is some bad history behind it that I got from a good source. Car was bought at an auction by a dealer so I'm guessing it was a theft recovery that was crashed or it was bought off a insurance co.

    The car I gave you the vin for is at a local dealer where my neighbor's boyfriend used to work for. I asked him if he knew anything about the car because I was considering trading my GT for it but, I found it pretty strange that there was only compound in the jambs towards the front of the car and the back end had none. He said yes, but told me don't buy it. I asked him how bad it was and he said $3,200 of damage to the front end. I went back and looked at it againg and the dealer didn't even put the hood decals back on it.:nonono: :nono:
  6. No problem, glad I could be of help.
  7. :nice:

    It's a shame that some poor soul will buy that car and not know the history about it because that info was hidden from a car fax report .:nonono:
    That's why I don't trust buying used cars.:notnice:

    Not to mention, they want 19,995 for it and it has 36,900 miles. :rlaugh: :lol: :rlaugh: :lol: :rlaugh: :lol: :rlaugh: :lol: :rlaugh: :lol:
  8. CarFax has a place to "Tell us what you know about this vehicle." If you can give me, in your own words, a description of what you know that happened, I can submit it to CarFax. I went through a bad experience with my Mustang, and I'd hate to have info hidden from a car buyer. Thanks!

    Here is the info I need:

    1. How do you know about this vehicle?
      a. Own it
      b. Saw it for sale
      c. Saw it for sale and test drove it
    2. Rate this vehicle's overall condition:
      1 - 5, 1 being Poor, 5 being Excellent
    3. Current odometer reading in miles.
    4. Tell us what you know about this car. Was it well maintained? Has it been damaged? How did it drive?
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  9. sorry i forgot all about it..


    send it to [email protected]

    thanks Mang!
  10. Sent.
  11. damn 5 owners.... Thanks Topless!!
  12. No problem, glad I could be of help.