anyone see the article in motortrend?

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  1. just got my issue of motortrend today and they have a huge article with lots of pics on the new mustang im reading it right now :nice:
  2. I love the Pic of the Shelby GT500 Mustang, I don't care for the way the V6 looks, too boring, 65 series tires don't belong on a Mustang.

  3. Im still not sold on the GT but the V6 looks like CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wow that pic in motor trend is really BAD!!! dont like the wheel and tire combo there!!! If I compare the pic I have of the concept and the motor trend pics I guess the 2 are Very similar... minor differences. BUT the package alltogether looks TOTALLY different and Im not sure I like it or not...
  4. I got my issue in the mail last night also. Finally, I can see it on paper. IMO, the V6 wheels look SWEET.
  5. The looks of the 05 Mustang GT is ok with me, From Motortrend the 4.6l SOHC 3valves aluminum block and heads looks good, [email protected] and [email protected] is ok too, 9.8:1 compression, 6250rpms redline, 12.4 front breaks and 11.8 rear breaks, 255/45R18 tires on 18x9.0 cast aluminum wheels, new 5-speed automatic and the current 5-speed manual and the 52/48 weight distribution looks good also.

    But what I don't like of the new Mustang: is about 4 inches longer, 1.2 inches less in width, 1.4 inches taller and almost 200 lbs heavier :mad:

    :mad: :mad: :mad:
  6. Got the magazine today. Sister stole it from the doctors office for me.

    If they do make the Shelby GT 500 Im gonna buy it. That is so sweet.