Bullitt are bullitt's soldout?

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by redredline, May 28, 2008.

  1. was reading that they capped the production on these (link) and thought i'd have some breathin room...apparently not? :shrug: are the 7700 already ordered?
  2. Meh better off buying a GT and modding it with basic stuff, IMO.
  3. eh, but lets say im a HUGE bullitt fan...
  4. They may be done making them, but they are NOT sold out. One for sale at Ford Dealer in Longview Washington, four of them in stock at Landmark Ford in Tigard Oregon. There were five of them, but my buddy just bought one last weekend.:D
  5. Wareham Ford in Wareham, Massachusetts has one.
  6. No, they are not sold out. As a matter of fact, they aren't selling as well as Ford had hoped. They have changed the 7700 production run from only '08 models to now include '09 models as well. I believe they are making 5500 for '08 and the remaining 2200 for '09. However, the car numbers will not reset to 0 when the '09s start. The numbering scheme will remain unchanged; 1-7700.
  7. Their's a car dealership in the Tacoma area that has 7 for sale, plus some GT500's. I'd luv to see some of the whacky car deals going on just to get rid of the gas guzzling V-8's.
  8. Still one at Wareham Ford, Wareham MA. First saw it June 5, so it has been there a month.
    Think it has the HID option. Does not have the Shaker 1000.
    No idea if selling for sticker or is it marked way up?
    Very tempting to see if they will deal next week as it's about 12 miles from my apt.
  9. There's tons of them on eBay.