Are we bad people?

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  1. I just spend some time over at in the CarTalk section. For those of you not familiar with the CarTalk it is a comedic call in show on public radio where two brothers who are long time mechanics (and MIT grads I might add) give advice on car problems. Now, I've known for a long time that public radio is a haven for liberal thought (not that there is anything wrong with that). And I know that the hosts are against cell phones while driving and SUVs. And I must agree with their positions in this matter. However, what prompted this posting was my interest in the CarTalk brother's opion concerning the Subaru WRX. Much to my suprise they absolutely hated it. They called it over-powered. After some investigating on their site I find that they are agains any car with a power to weight ratio excceding .06. For refrence our cars with a V-6 just barely reach that ceiling in 99+ trim, and the V-8 guys are pretty much screwed. They consider high power to weight ratio cars to be just as irresponsible as gigantic SUV's. The condemn subaru, ford, GM, and Chrysler for marketing to the 16-24 year old age group who are the ones they feel who have the most accidents. Article
    Subaru Rant

    This seems rediculous to me. Am I bad person because I want to mod my car then? I don't think power in cars is a problem at all. First off, 16-24 year olds can't afford Vipers, Cobras, and Corvettes. And those that car lie in the far margins at best. And I know people who are down right scary with civics, accords, and other underpowered boxes.

    On the other hand I do think any type of media, marketing, or product that promotes street racing is idiotic. (Read "The Fast and The Furious)

    What do you guys think?
  2. Why believe anything those idiots say?
    This is America, and if you want to drive a powerful car, you have the right to and there's not a damn thing they can do about it.
    Besides, even if you bought the mnost powerful sportscar, or biggest SUV, pollution from automobiles here in the U.S. is only a small issue compared to Industrial Pollution that occurs overseas. Tell those idiots to go bother those people.
  3. yeah they frown on everything on theat show... btw hear about the guy on there that lost his precious 98 gt and people did burn outs with it, what a dumbass...
  4. The fundamental problem with their argument there is that they violate that "logic" themselves with respect to several other issues, and therefore the argument doesn't hold any water.

    How big do you think their houses are? Probably bigger than the "necessary" square-foot-to-person ratio. So before I listen to them whine about "unnecessary" power-to-weight ratio, let's see him move into a smaller house, with a more acceptable square-foot-to-person ratio.

    How much money do you think they make? Probably more than the "necessary" dollar-per-day ratio for them to survive. So let's see him give half his salary to charity, since anything more than that isn't "necessary" for him, it's excessive.

    The list could go on and on....

    Just like with just about every other "preachy" person around, he's a hypocrite. Just like the ******* that says McDonald's shouldn't be allowed to sell such unhealthy food, then goes and smokes a carton of cigarettes.

    Don't get preachy unless you can back it up. 99.999% of people can't. I'm sure he has his excesses (big salary and a nice house), so **** off and don't **** to me about mine.
  5. He has the right to say what he likes. We have the right to disagree or to simply ignore him. I do agree he's being a hypocrite, but that is true of almost everybody at some point or another.
  6. I think the biggest lesson anyone can learn about this is the dangers of excessive liberalism. Social equality is all good up until a certain point. When you start messing with economics and the core motivations behind what makes economies tick you screw everything up. This is why rent ceilings suck and all forms of price controls are by and large bad ideas. Unfortunatly, many people in the far left don't realize this fact. Thus, we get all sort of hypocritical BS that I presented above.
  7. i agree with the old people thing. they are dangerous. start getting their plate numbers and reporting them, or let them hit you and sue the heck out of them
  8. They also rated the Mustang as the #1 guy car on their website, though. :nice: They're funny guys, I like listening to them.