Are you 2.3 owners still here?

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  1. I haven't seen any 2.3 owners post here in awhile. Mostly everybody has a 5.0 on here.
  2. I think most 2.3NA Mustangs have been crushed by now and the surviving 2.3Ts migrated to TurboFord. The cash-for-clunkers program really hurt the market for vehicles 10-20 years old. :notnice:
  3. Oh lol. Well I don't know why you would put a mustang in the cash for clunkers lol. I'm satistfied with my 2.3 n/a.
  4. C-F-C had no effect on 2.3L mustangs as they achieved more than 18 MPG combined.

    I agree that many have been junked, v8 swapped, converted to race cars, or totalled by now. Add in the fact that they don't have a fifth of the following of the 5.0, and it is a lot tougher to find a lot of 2.3L owners than it used to be.
  5. I still daily drive my 90 'vert and I love it LOL!!! Yup, it's not the fastest car on the road, but it gets the job done, plus she's easy on gas and maintenance. Sometimes I wish I had a 2.3T though, but I will hold on to this car forever.
  6. Same here pedro. These cars run forever if properly taken care of. Just like you said, it may not be the fastest thing on the road but it gets the job done. I'm also enjoying the gas mileage in mine.

    I saw another guy in town with a fox body so I started talking to him. He of course had the 5.0 and he said that it sucked gas like crazy. It was built too. I told him what I had in mine and he said that I better hang on to it because of the gas mileage. I have the 2.3 n/a 8 spark plug.
  7. I occurred to me that maybe no one posts in here because they're using the search engine and finding answers to their questions instead of making new threads. Maybe?

    Oh well, I see a lot fewer Fox3s in general on the road than I did even three years ago, so I just blame the CFC program even if only the 5.0s were on their list. :D
  8. still drive my 2.3 93 n/a notch almost every day

    and weekend drive the 2.3 88 'vert unless its raining.....its currently top challenged....
  9. I've still got my 83 GT Turbo. I just don't post as the car is sitting in the garage under a cover.
  10. I'm currently budget restoring my 93 2.3 N/A. Bought it with 71k on it, but she was never taken care of. Two owner vehicle, interior was in great shape, but the body is rusted in corners, dinged and damaged everywhere, had some poo MAACO paintjob on it, and it had clipped a deer in the front. Not too terrible, but 25mpg for a car I paid off with the first payment (400 bucks lol) does it justice!

    Just wish teh dame thing had better turning radius, I didn't know they were THIS bad, and the car is only what seems 4 feet long hahaha.

    - Brandon
  11. Thats not a bad deal Bmwz389. Jusst think, its paid off so no car payments for you lol. If you fix it up it will be a really nice car.

  12. I know how you feel. I replaced my rack & pinion with a "new" one and the turning radius is way bad compared to how it was and the one on the '88. Guess the aftermarket left a few teeth out on the rack.
  13. I still lurk. My 93 hatch is still my daily driver. Recently drove it down to Clearwater Florida (715 miles) and got 29 mpg's. I did have to pull over once and let the tranny cool even though it has a tranny cooler. I'm going this week to pick up a t-bird turbo coupe 5-speed with a rough body but it's bone stock with a great interior, pretty sure I'm going to finally do the swap.
  14. i can't believe more guys aren't going the 2.3 turbo route....lots of 4 cyl. lx's around to be turbo'd. yeah its some work...but lots of turbo stuff out there now and still cheaper than a full 5.0 work over....
  15. You're absolutely right Joe. I've wasted way too much time thinking about doing a turbo swap and not enough time doing it. I also think it's a lot more unique swap and has much more "oh cool" appeal. 5.0 swaps are very commonplace.
  16. I'm Currently on vacation, but when I get home my thread will be active again. Going to get it running in it's NA form, and then hopefully will be settling on some
    Cash that is supposed to be coming my way and start the full rebuild and engine/turbo peoject
  17. Well I think that it will be awhile before I can do a turbo swap. I'm happy with my car in the n/a form right now.
  18. You wouldn't say that if you've driven a 2.3T. :p

    My SVO is lowest-rated of all the intercooled 2.3Ts and there's a big difference just between the "regular" and "premium" octane settings.
  19. I sold my turbo coupe and a lot of my Mustang/TC related stuff last fall (well, I still have a small mountain of junk). I never drove my turbo coupe and I was honestly a bit bored with it, and got tired of dealing with turbo issues. What I really want is a 2005 Mustang GT and am hoping to start looking at them in a few months.

    Also I'm not on here near as much as I should be these days :(
  20. We still have a '93 LX in the family. Only 62K miles ; good gas mileage. Florida Sun finally ate the paint. Reliable, durable car

    This was the last of the Freon refrigerated cars. so I'm trying to engineer a switch to 134A w/o spending too much money.