****attention**** all 4x4'ers..... TIRE CHAINS, pics and description of what to buy!!

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  1. Then that's what you better do! :) In the meantime, I prefer to know where I'm driving, thank you. :nice:

  2. Ah come on.....live a little.
  3. superdave and ozumse go sit in the corner children, ill speak to you two after class...... :D

  4. Update

    I finnaly got a few hours free time today so i called up a bud and grabbed my rifle and went out coyote hunting, I managed to get far enough in the back country to need my chains, i chained all 4 up and i was shocked how good chains can be..... I was breaking trail in deep snow, I could pretty much go untill my diffs started plowing a wall of snow infront of me.......

    My only **** is my absloute lack of power in my 300 i6 on propane..... my next truck is gonna have a big block in it no doubt :nice:

    anyways, i highly recomend anybody who ventures in the outdoors to be equiped with a set or 2 of good quality tire chains :nice: :nice:

  5. What does this have to do with classic Mustangs?
  6. Call me crazy (I've been called a lot worse), but I really don't see how this thread belongs here. Doesn't the chat forum seem a little more appropriate?

  7. I smell a newbie :rolleyes:

    special rules for special people :canflag:

  8. Nice chains but I hate throwing Iron, thats why I use automatic chains. The cost alot but when you use them every day they pay off. Plus you can activate them when you need them on demand.
  9. sigh....

  10. thanks 2bav for opening this thread back up dude, and thanks for moving it to chat :nice:

    hey turbo, what are automatic chains? how much do they cost? how do they operate??? and do you got any pics available?"???

    this is the first iv heard of something like this