Auto detailing thread. Any questions regarding paint care/correction and interior upkeep? Ask away

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  1. I have been running my own Mobile auto detailing business for 9 years now. I learned a lot along the way. Here at StangNet I noticed we have a few members that currently practice the detailing trade. Any questions regarding paint care/correction, interior care, leather upkeep.... ask away.

    I sold my s-10 last summer so I a currently use the Stang and Focus for my business. My clients love the mustang and always ask so many questions about her :).





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  2. Hey I didn't know Pauly D posted on SN!
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  3. any advice for rock chips?
  4. hahaha... I have been rocking the blow out since 2003. Way before that stupid show!
  5. What I use for rock chip repair is the Langka complete paint chip repair kit. I would also head to the paint store or dealer and buy a little of touch up paint. Watch YouTube videos over and over on how to properly repair paint chips. Just like any body work, it is all in the prep work.
  6. +1 on langka
  7. Any advice on product selection for cleaning the inside of my wheels? The area where everything gets baked on due to brake temps.

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  9. So, I pretty much neglected my stang for years and she's a lost cause. BUT, I don't want this same thing to happen to my DD a 2005 Accord. I am def going to look into the paint chip fix since I have 1 nasty one, almost the size of an eraser head. But my two main problems are this:

    1. She's white, and even after washing and waxing the paint looks dirty, like a grey haze trapped into the white paint. What are my options here?

    2. Like and idiot I backed into something and created a decent crack in the paint. Can I fix it, if it's better to repaint, what can I do so I don't have the paint cracking off.

    She's an EX-L model in great shape for 90K and I want to maintain her.
    Artemis is just going to have to get a respray.
  10. I've had my Black 99 for about a month now, and I'm at a loss for how to keep it clean. I've never had a black car before and I guess because of that whatever rudimentary washing/detailing skills I've learned in the driveway have gotten me by this far until now. What can you suggest for the quick type of cleaning/washing i can do at home, both product wise and maybe some tricks for keeping the black beauties clean?
  11. Have any luck on product to clean weld wheels?
  12. White can be a very forgiving color. My white fox body looked so good after a nice detail! The color really popped and looked amazing especially at night time with the street lights hitting her. Since the finish still has a hazy look. I would recommend a clay, polish and wax treatment on her. Ideally I would recommend some sort of buffer but not every one is as crazy as I am. You can still get great results by hand especially on white. Black is a different story. For products I love and highly recommend Poorboysworld very easy to use, smell great and get great results! If you are looking for over the counter products I would suggest Meguiars. You would need quality microfiber polish cloths and drying towells, clay bar, Meguiars 205 ultra finishing polish and, megs 26 wax. If you want tips on the procedure, products or any thing else just let me know :) The main thing is take your time, have a lot of patience and have fun with it.
  13. Wheels can be a pain and they can also be very easy to maintain with proper technique. You will need a wheel detailing brush. You can purchase one from your auto parts store. A wheel cleaner. I really like Poorboys World spray and rinse wheel cleaner. Another one of my favorites is Wolfgang tire and wheel cleaner. For over the counter Meguiars sells a couple nice products. Megs hot rims and I forgot the other one. Finally you will need a wheel wax. It will make cleans ups a breeze, especially if you don't feel like cleaning them every week. For treating them here is my procedure.
    Work on one wheel at a time. Wet wheel. Cover the tire and wheel with a fine mist of wheel cleaner. Let cleaner sit for about 30 seconds. Agitate the brake dust with your wheel brush. Rinse thoroughly. If you still have some baked on brake dust you might need to use a wheel polish with a terry cloth applicator. Wash wheel with an old mitt and car soap. Apply Your wheel wax. Take your time and have fun with it. Try different products and find what you like. Any more questions just let me know?
  14. Is it bad to polish you car a lot like will it ruin the clear coat?
    I use Meguairs liquid carnaba wax and my car looks really good after I wax it but I can still see some minor swirl marks and scratches on my car, am I doing something wrong? I do it by hand btw and I try to not glob the wax on the cotton cloth I use to apply it.

    My headlights btw are only 2-3 years old and they are starting to get bad looking, there is some of the stuff flaking off on one of them on the sides, I use some headlight cleaner and polisher, it looks great afterwards but 10 minutes go by and it doesnt look much better, any suggestions?

  15. AHHHH Black :). Either it looks amazing or it looks horrible never in between :). When I first purchased my black 03 GT it took me a solid 10 hours to remove all the swirls that the previous owner/dealer installed! I find the black on our cars get swirled and scratched even if you look at it wrong lol. First you are going to have to correct the paint. After the paint is corrected you are going to have to use proper technique to keep those swirls AWAY! Always and I mean always, use the two bucket method when washing her. After you clean a panel dip her in a bucket with fresh water and remove all the debri off the mitt. Dip the mitt in the bucket with soap and repeat for each panel. Always move in a front to back and side to side motion. Never move in a circular motion. You are going to need a clay, medium, light polish or both depending on how severe the defects are a glaze and wax. Purchase some quality microfiber polish towels, drying towels and applicators. By hand this is going to be a very hard and tedious task. If you are interested in the detailing trade it might be worth to purchase a Porter Cable dual action polisher and some medium, light cut and finishing pads. If not you have some hard work ahead of you. I really love the Poorboys world line of products, Wolfgang and Meguiars. So many quality products on the internet that you can purchase. Have fun trying new products out :). I would recommend PBW Super slick and suds wash, SSR2 polish, Pro Polish, EX sealant, Nattys paste wax and Spray and wipe quick detailer. Like I said before have fun trying out new products. Let me know if you want me to get into detail on how to correct your paint. Ask any questions, take your time and have fun :).
  16. First the cotton cloth is to aggressive for applying wax. You want to apply it with a foam or microfiber applicator. Use back and forth side to side motion never circular. You want to polish the swirls out prior to waxing. By hand it can be tedious. You want to clay, polish and wax in that order. So start on an early Saturday morning and it might take you into Sunday. Take your time and work small 1 foot sections at a time. I like Poorboys Pro Polish and SSR 2. Megs 205 is a nice over the counter polish. Any questions on technique ask away? If you can take a couple pics of your headlights I can point you in the right direction.
  17. I forgot to mention. No! It is not bad to polish your car. As long as you are using a light polish and you are not using a rotary buffer. A rotary can be very dangerous in the wrong hands. It is always best to test a new product on a small section of the car just to get an idea how the products works.
  18. I'll add to slayer said in regards to wheels. Some finishes require less harsh chemicals so if in doubt ask first. Also a tool I use when cleaning a very neglected area is the turbo stick from Adams. It cleans the barrels and works great. I'm going to get another for my exhaust tips too. Also I prefer to use a sealant as to a wax on the wheels since it will last longer. Sealant then glaze then wax = melting faces.
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  19. txredgt made a good point. Its best to use the least aggressive method possible when dealing with automotive paint and wheels. Always read labels and look online for tips.
  20. I would purchase a wool ball. You can find one that attaches to your drill and use a light polish. Top it off with a wheel sealant. Poorboys Pro Polish would do the trick.