Auto Trans Shifter Problem (gets stuck in park)

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by Thordic, Apr 30, 2004.

  1. Like the title says.

    Then I put the car in park, it gets stuck. You push the button, and nothing happens. Its still locked in park. After a while of trying, it'll finally release. The other gears don't stick.

    Hopefully its just something wrong with the button *prays* and not anything major.

    Anyone here ever see this? Know what the deal is?

    LIke the sig says, its a 99 convertible, v6 auto.

    Any help is appreciated. It'll be sitting in my driveway till monday when the mechanic opens, at the very least :)

    (It worked fine till this afternoon. It was parked on my street, which is a slight hill, for about 5 hours, with the emergency brake on. When I took the emergency brake off, the car rolled slightly, couple inches maybe. In case that info helps for some reason. Never did anything like this before today.)
  2. If yer pushin the button and holding the brake then who knows.
  3. Well some of my friends had some opinions.

    Basically I was tryin to figure out if I should go to my mechanic or if it would be a waste of his time and just go direct to a transmission place.

    Im gonna go to the mechanic, though. Most of my friends who know cars say they think its prolly something he can fix.
  4. First thing that comes to mind: Are you parking on hills when this happens? If so, are you just stopping and putting it in park then applying the E-Brake? This is what will cause it to get "stuck" in P. If there is a curb on this hill, you need to either turn your wheel toward the curb (facing downhill) or away from the curb (facing uphill) and ease the car either forward or backward until the wheel hits the curb. Then apply the E-Brake and finally put it in Park.

    If you already knew this or this doesn't apply to your problem, then kindly disregard this post. Just trying to brainstorm and help a fellow Stang owner. :nice:
  5. figured out a little test, and I think it worked.

    First I tried holding down the brake and repeatedly pushing the button. I figured this should tell me if its the button sensor.

    Nothing happened.

    Then, I held down the button, and repeatedly hit the brakes. I got the shift to release four times.

    So, as far as I can tell, its the brake sensor.

    Thanks for the help.
  6. Have someone outside the car to see if the brake lights come on everytime you hit the pedal. IF they dont then for sure you have a bad brake switch.
  7. I am having the same problem. Replaced the brake switch, but the problem still exists. Could it be the neutral safety switch? If not, any other suggestions?

    Thanks in advance!!!
  8. Going out on a limb here...but it did happen to me in another car. Some change drops down into that area...or like me u r daughter plays w change and slips it in Lil holes in the area and slowly slide to a central location , maybe spilled a drink and it gets all sticky...mine only did it occasionally but it became a PITA...finally ripped it out to find a bunch of old corroded penny's and nickels sitting right where the shifter needed the room...may not b your problem but a easy free fix if it is...and if not maybe u will find something loose/damaged....