Automatic redirects to ads/ad sites from StangNet

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  1. Bastards! :ban:

    Was the problem fixed? I have not seen any of those ads since this morning.
  2. I want to punch a freakin' Zwinky right now. I don't know why I seem to get that ad so much more than the or Chili's ads. :mad:
  3. I have only been getting the classmate ad. Haven't got any of the other ones. :shrug:

    Nothing so far today
  4. I've gotten them too...started about the time we upgraded vB
  5. Just got a Zwinky ad :nonono:

  6. Sooooooo ... is this something we've just gotta get used to seeing? :shrug:
  7. +1

    I just got another classmate ad. :notnice: Seems to be once or twice a day for me.
  8. If you are in Firefox, press Ctrl+U (view page source) and when it pops up the new window, let us know what it says for source of: I'd be thinking it's some sort of malware/spyware infection that hasn't been detected by your scan program(s). If someone uses some tricks from one spyware, and some from another, it'll often go under the radar since it doesn't meet enough criteria of each to get pulled up.

    If you're a windows user, also take a look at your hosts file, in your Windows\System32\Drivers\ETC folder. Typically, it'll have a couple lines commented out at the start, and have a few lines about and localhost. If the size of the file is 500k+, you've got some sort of infection that is redirecting a lot of traffic, most often all the spyware/virus scanners and in doing so, prevents them from downloading/updating.
  9. If thats the case then why is it that they only pop up on this site?
  10. Again, this is NOT A MALWARE ISSUE, as I have ran multiple checks with multiple programs and come up with nothing, and this ONLY HAPPENS ON THIS WEBSITE. And, again, if you'll look back a few posts in this thread, you'll see that I have already posted up the URL from where this is originating (some Tribal Fusion site). I don't know how much clearer I can make this. :shrug:

    Maybe we're being punished for something? :scratch:
  11. Haven't gotten them in the past two days... :banana:
  12. yeh i havent got one this week.
  13. What are you guys doing different? I still get 'em all the time. Got them this morning and later on this evening. :shrug:

    I am sooooooo never going to Chili's again. :mad:
  14. Yup, get them too and its only this site. Really f'n annoying. Just got one before I posted this.
  15. Here ya go.


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  16. yeh i got teh classmates one last night.
  17. I got my first one today :(

  18. It's weird how this whole thing is almost selectively occurring, and only with certain people. Lynn insists she hasn't come across a single one yet, and we're sitting here right next to each other clicking all around on the same damned website. I'm thinking it has something to do with HOW one browses the site and not so much where one goes on the site. :scratch:
  19. Well, I came on the site after not being on for quite a while. Read two threads, went to post to one and got the stupid popup. lol

    Sometimes I can go thru many many pages and not get it, but then I can come on and only go to a few and get it.