Automatic redirects to ads/ad sites from StangNet

Discussion in 'Feedback Area | Testing Zone' started by Darkwriter77, Aug 13, 2009.

  1. I have yet to see any of them. Dark sweet blue FTMFW!!! :rock:
  2. I havent gotten one in a few days but I am also getting them every once and a while. Not a spyware issure because we are all seeing the same page, only on stangnet. Now if spyware has something to do with how often it comes up, that I do not know.
  3. speak of the devil, I knew once I posted that I would get one. Usually doesnt redirect itself for me but it did quickly this time.

  4. So ... I guess Stangnet's admins are just lookin' the other way on this one, huh...? :shrug:
  5. No, but they probably have to work on figuring out which ad is causing it, between working here and their job that pays them. :)
  6. :nice:
  7. I switched to Sweet Blue to see if I'd get an ad and I did. I got the Zwinky ad. Switch to Dark Sweet Blue for ad free browsing. :nice:
  8. I switched. I'll see if it helps. Sucks 'cause now I have to get used to this drastic change after (literally) years of the same color scheme on here. I hate change! :fuss: But I hate Zwinky ads even more! :fuss: :fuss:
  9. Come to the Dark Side, Dave... :D
  11. Should be good to go.
  12. I switched also and hate the color scheme but its better than the stupid ads.
  13. I hate the darker color scheme because it makes it harder to read long posts or multiple posts/threads because after staring at a black screen with white or light gray lettering for awhile, you look away and you have these ghost lines floating around in your vision for awhile afterward. Can't be good for your eyes. :notnice:

    Soooooo, the choice is either pop-up ads or eye damage? :shrug:
  14. Is it no good yet?
  15. So far, no pop-ups with using the Dark Sweet Blue color scheme that Lynn suggested - makes things hard to read, but better than Zwinky and Classmates ads every few clicks. But then, I haven't been on here near as much lately, so it could be that I haven't been clicking around enough to trigger it, but I think Lynn's theory is correct in that it's related to which color scheme is being used.

    Did the ads finally get blocked from the regular Sweet Blue color scheme? :scratch:
  16. I do believe that's what Mike was referring to. He must have nailed down which ad it was that was causing the problem.
  17. Ah. Cool beans. :nice:

    Sorry for getting grumpy on y'all. I was just getting a bit irked that it was going on for so long and I was starting to assume it was being left active for a reason. Not all of us have real lives outside of Stangnet. :D

  18. doubt it cause I got one after he posted that.

    edit, I switched back and so far so good. *crosses fingers*
  19. I switched back to regular Sweet Blue yesterday to give it another try. So far, no more pop-up ads. :nice: