Autometer Gauge Led?

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  1. I have phantom guages in my car and while they work great the problem is that I replaced all the dash bulbs except for the idiot lights with LEDs. (highly recommended btw) Everything is great except now the oil pressure and water temp gauges I have are now downright dim in comparison, especially since they have those stupid green caps over the bulbs. Rather than chuck money at newer gauges I want to put LED bulbs in these as well. My problem comes from the fact that the bulb is attached to the socket and harness and sold as one piece. Buying an LED replacement bulb by itself wont work. Has anyone else found a way to put LED bulbs in a 2 5/8 gauge?
  2. I must not be understanding. I have ultra-lite 2 5/8 and i just bought 168 (or whatever size) LED's with those bases on them.
  3. Where? Autometer part#3211 has a fixed bulb. Did you find a compatible base that you can swap bulbs?
  4. You sure the bulbs don't pull from the sockets? I though they were normal 194 bulbs?

    I'll take a look at my gauges tonight but I could swear the bulbs were replaceable
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  5. I broke a bulb trying to get them out. Will keep trying.
  6. Should just pull out?? I can't imagine a non replaceable bulb where you have to solder a wire each time a bulb burns!! I'm sure they just pull out.
  7. Kind of. That says it will fit though so i will just order up a few of those instead of messing with mine anymore.
  8. I grabbed a bunch from 2 different suppliers off ebay (both Chinese).. One was terrible, the second one was great though. The blue is almost too blue though!